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Best Restaurants in Istanbul Old City

Here we have made a general selection among numerous independent categories. But this list is based on the touristic old city quarter of historical peninsula. Otherwise, we would have to consider the Balat, Fatih and Aksaray regions on the peninsula. Also, the list is not ranked from best to worst, we just wrote down whatever came to mind. :) And the list is focused on the upper casual restaurants. Bon appetite. DERALIYE RESTAURANT

Necati Yilmaz, owner of Deraliye Restaurant, is one of the hosts who knows best what the expectations of tourism and tourists, who have devoted his life to this sector. In the beginning, he only served dishes that he carefully selected from the Ottoman Palace cuisine, which was his specialty. With the change of customer base over time, he added international cuisine. He is doing his best to make the tourists feel like a part of a memory when they come. If you go, don't leave without trying goose kebab. Adress: Alemdar Mahallesi Ticaret Hane Sokak Giris Kat No 10, 34122 Reservation: +90212 520 77 78 PANDELI RESTAURANT

We are at the restaurant where Ataturk, the first president of the Republic of Turkey, had dinner. Over the decades, visitors have not decreased. In fact, in the photo above the seats on the right as you enter the restaurant, there is a photo of Audrey Hepburn's confident and elegant smile. Today, you come across a beautiful team led by Ozay Cinar. The best part is, the Spice Bazaar is a place like a medicine for shopping breaks. Don’t forget to try “Hunkar Begendi” (Sultan’s favorite) Adress: Rustempasa Mah. Balik Pazari kapisi Sokagi Misircarsi İçi 1, D:2, 34110 Fatih/Istanbul Reservation: +90212 527 39 09 OCAK RESTAURANT

We are definitely in one of the rare buildings that have remained so elegant and unique in the historical city and touristic area. The Regie Ottoman Hotel was used as the Ottoman Tobacco Regiment Administration building in the 19th century. They said it's time to open a restaurant in a perfectly restored building with preserved brick walls. More importantly, they entrusted the kitchen to its chef, Omer Bozyap, who has worked in Michellin-starred restaurants in Europe. Today, Omer Chef offers you the food that is really cooked in our homes, in a simple and clean way. Don't forget to stop by. Adress: Hobyar, No:5 | Regie Ottoman Istanbul Hotel, Mimar Vedat Sk., 34112 Fatih/Istanbul Reservation: +90212 520 6820 GALEYAN RESTAURANT

Galeyan restaurant, another most reliable place in Sultanahmet region, has the signature of chef Yunus Emre Akkor. If you are looking for a soft lunch, if you want to have a choice of appetizers, it is one of the places you must stop by while you are wandering around. Personally, the hummus served with arugula is one of our favourites, but have a nice meat meal while you're at it. By the way, there will be plenty of options for vegetarians as well. For reservations, don't forget to say hi to Yilmaz or Mustafa from us. Adress: Alemdar, Ticarethane Sk. No:13/B, 34110 Fatih/Istanbul Reservation: +90212 513 83 90 NARS BRASSERIE

Quite familiar cuisine for everyone in Sultanahmet area, Nars Brasserie is welcoming its guests happily. From greeting to the end you will love how everyone is kindly serving for you. If you need a bite on the colorful streets of Blue Mosque area, Nars will be serving a cuisine from local to international to every type of traveler. Upper floors have view of Hagia Sophia. SOFIA GARDEN CAFE

A little bonus recommendation for the ones need a little rest around Hagia Sophia area. Sofia Garden is located in the most beautiful street of old city – on Sogukcesme Street. After a huge restoration work of Hilton Hotels, Curio Group and Dorak Holding, Hagia Sophia Mansions opened their gates for accommodation and started to serve at one of their gardens in the name of Sofia Garden Café. Delicious café food and lovely high standart service of soft beverages are really pleasant for all travelers. Hope you enjoy your trip in Istanbul and have really nice time at these restaurants. Don’t forget to tag us @foodandfashionmag on your Instagram posts ;) Sanem Yucesoy

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