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Downtown Hightlights Tour

downtowntour bwt.jpg
The first step of Belgrade! The Republic Square,National museum, Bohemian Quarter, Ottoman heritage,Kalemegdan park, Belgrade fortress, the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers, Knez Mihailova street

20th Century Tour

stsavatemple bwt.jpg
Hotel Moscow, National parliament bright shining with the history of St Sava Temple. Tasmajdan park, the Saint Marko church, Russian Orthodox church is awaiting. Get to know history and architecture of Serbian development.

Zemun Tour

zemuntour bwt.jpg
Zemun is a different story. Walk through the modern wide boulevards, old narrow streets and enjoy the view from the Gardos hill where Millennium tower is. Find out why the settlement was made here in neolithic.
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