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Best Boutique Hotels in Istanbul

Recently, the interest in 5-star ultra-luxury hotels has begun to wane. This interest left its place to boutique, design hotels. The reason is simple: - Cleaning - Quick response to requests - Personal attention - The visual of the building has a soul We have listed a few of the most preferred hotels of the last period, which do not disappoint us in price / performance. Do not forget to contact us for reservation. ;) - Witt Suites Istanbul – Cihangir

Witt Suites, the city's favorite city, greets you in a very kind way as soon as you enter the door. With its service and staff, it is by far perfect among design hotels. Aside from the simplicity and spaciousness of the rooms, I have to mention the terrace. You can go to the terrace, which is only open to hotel guests, order a bottle of wine and enjoy the view. - Regie Ottoman Hotel – Sirkeci

Meet with one of the most beautiful hotels in the historical peninsula. There are reasons behind this beauty. Regie Ottoman Hotel has a history of 150 years. It functioned as the administrative building of the Tobacco Factory in the Ottoman Period. The building, which was restored with fine details before becoming a hotel, is one of the most romantic hotels in the region today. - Ibrahim Pasha Hotel – Sultanahmet

Ibrahim Pasha Hotel is one of the oases we hide from when we are looking for an escape from this city in the city center. It takes its name from Ibrahim Pasa, the valuable grand vizier of the 16th century. It has always made its visitors happy with its sweet stylish rooms and perfect service understanding. - Georges Hotel – Galata

We are in the Galata region, which has been called the "other side" for centuries and smells Italian and French nostalgia. Georges Hotel is located in one of the most elegant and nostalgic streets of Galata. You will admire the elegance of the hotel while you sit at its door and enjoy the view on the terrace while drinking a coffee. - A’jia Hotel Istanbul – Kanlica

We are in a hotel for those who think differently from everyone else when it comes to accommodation in travel. Even if it is a matter of going to another part of the city, Ajia, which is a hotel right at the foot of the Bosphorus, is such a stylish and pleasant hotel that it amazes us even with its stance. - Corinne Art and Boutique Hotel – Cihangir

Located in the heart of the Cihangir region, this quiet and peaceful building with its huge appearance enchants us with its old and romantic appearance. The tiny cafe restaurant on its terrace is comfortable and peaceful in the same hotel structure. You will love the location of the hotel with antique shops and cafes on the street. - Hagia Sophia Mansions – Sultanahmet

The most realistic and beautiful step taken by Hilton, one of the most well-known large corporate hotels, is to open this hotel. Located just behind Hagia Sophia, these buildings, which were used by Topkapi Palace employees at the time, now host Hagia Sophia Mansions by Hilton. They are doing their best to serve in the top segment with their cafes and spa. Bonus: These last 3 hotels are the ones I added as a bonus. Because we could call the previous hotels upper casual, but the 3 accommodation places below amaze us when we calculate the budget service rate. The quality of service is so good and valuable that there is no reason not to feel at home even if the buildings are an old hotel or a new hostel. The 3 locations we love and value very much. - Sirkeci Mansion – Sirkeci

- Hypnos Design Hotel – Gulhane

- Hostel Le Banc – Galata

Have a beautiful experience while traveling Istanbul. Sanem Yucesoy

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