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Hi everyone. Let's talk about Korean life, one of the most important movements of the last period. And I will also have a couple of recommendations below headings. I hope you enjoy it and it will be useful to you. K-BEAUTY

Beauty is one of the most important issues for Korean girls. Don't you want to look like an icon? With smooth skin and a special hairstyle, everything can change. Go to a beauty salon, or sign up for a spa for soft and glowing skin. And definitely don't forget about Korean makeup. Recommended Spots: Jenny House - Woosun Hair and Make up - Jung Same Mool Inspiration - Spa 1899 - Ananti Cove Water House - Innisfree - Moonshot - SHOPPING

Do not fill your suitcase completely when you travel to Korea. Because, like many of us, you will be surprised to see the shopping opportunities here. If you are into fashion, you will definitely find a few unique items in mega malls. The Korean shopping temple Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, the birthplace of fashion trends and the largest clothing market, excites us all. You won't be able to leave areas like Hongdae, the center of street fashion, and Apgujeong, home to the world's largest stores. If you are as keen on shopping as we are, you can spend a full day eating and shopping here. Do not miss the outlet stores. Although you can't usually come across new season products, you can find more and more affordable options here than in regular stores.

Recommended Districts Hongdae Myeongdong Dongdaemun Garuso-gil Apgujeong&Cheongdam-dong Busan Gwangbokro Fashion Street K-WAVE

K-wave fans, we're on our way! You will be very excited when you come across the streets where K-pop music videos are shot and walk in the areas where the dramas taken. You can take photos on the streets and there are also shops where you can buy k-wave products. The world is small! Here you can visit restaurants run by the families of famous movie stars. Maybe you can meet them too. Be careful when purchasing K-wave products! The products are so cute, tiny and sweet that your wallet may become empty at the end of shopping. Recommended Spots Myeongdong Station Underground Mall Line Friends - Kamong Coffee - Studio Concrete - K-FOOD

When it comes to Korean food, I always think of "health" for some reason. Every day in Korea, you will question which food you eat is better. Street delicacies as well as full menus offer irresistible tastes. Do not forget to visit the traditional markets. What should you taste? Let's see!

Samgyeupsal: Korean grilled pork. You can also eat it by wrapping it like a wrap on a lettuce leaf. Gimbap: Thin and long cut ingredients are placed in rice and seaweed. It is wrapped and sliced. Samgyetang: One of the Korean healthy foods. Whole chicken stuffed with rice, garlic, jujube and ginseng is cooked in its own juice. Bibimbap: One of the most famous dishes. It is a dish in which various plant roots and wild vegetables are placed on rice and mixed with red pepper paste. Bulgogi: Thin slices of beef seasoned with soy sauce are grilled. It is an excellent dish with both sweet and salty taste. Jokbal: Pork thighs boiled in water to which soy sauce and ginger and other spices are added. It is one of the favorite dishes to be eaten at night. Jjajangmyeon & Jjambbong: Can we say Korean style Chinese food? Jjajangmyeon is made by mixing vegetable and pork black bean sauce with Chinese noodles. And Jjambbong is made by boiling Chinese noodles with chili peppers, vegetables, and seafood or meat.

Where To Eat? Sejong Village and Tongin Market Sinwon Market and Sillim Sundae Gwangjang Market Namdaemun Market Gongdeok Market Busan Biff Square Daegu Seomun Night Market Bupyeong Kkangtong Night Market Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market BONUS: Cafes and Dessert Spots - Minhwa Boutique - - Hayden Café - - Café Gongjakso - Samcheong-dong cafes Gangneung cafes Ikseon-dong cafes - Sulbing cafes - Enjoy your stay at Korea all. Sanem Yucesoy

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