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Happy Names of Traditional Food in Turkey

There are dishes with different funny and cheerful names from various regions and cultures of Turkey. Names may sound sexist to some of us. However, we local women have never been offended by any name. Likewise, we do not think that any man will be offended.

There may be flavors and curiosities that can be fun for those who are traveling to Turkey. Let's start :)

- Sillik Tatlısı (Bitch desert): It is thought that it got this name because it dispersed too much while eating. Walnuts and cream are put in the dough prepared like crepes. After the roll is made, peanuts are added on top and eaten. It is a dessert unique to Urfa.

- Çükündür (That’s your dick):It is found in the Black Sea and Aegean regions. It is a local name used for sugar beet in the regions. It is famous for pickles and roasts. This is a food that I cannot answer why its called that way. But its quite famous almost everywhere.

- Pirtimpirt(My fart is my fart): It is a dish unique to Kayseri. It is a sour dish made with fresh vine leaves. Chickpeas and meat are also added. They say that this name was given because the leaves were put into the food by shredding. But I think they might have given this name to it because the food itself makes us fart, doesn’t it?!

- Hanımgöbegi (Lady tummy): A pastry based dessert that has become popular with cooks because of its shape. Of course, although beauty is measured by a thin waist today, our cooks love a bit chubby women, of the record.

- Dilber Dudagi Tatlisi (Lover’s Lip Dessert): Aahaha, look at the type and name! It will really impress a Turkish man, looks like full lips. A filling dessert that we think was developed presumably during the Ottoman period.

- Gavurdagi salad (Giaour Mountain Salad): This salad gets its name from a powerful source. The Gavur Mountains or Amanos Mountains are a 175 km long mountain range starting from Kahramanmaraş and extending towards the province of Hatay. The cosmopolitan population in the Southeastern Anatolia region is the spirit of this salad. That's why I say Maras, you say Antep, the others say it belongs to Hatay. Regardless, Gavur Mountain Salad is the most colorful of our tables.

- Kuskus (Vomit vomit?): It is a very popular dish in Turkey. Its nothing to do with vomit. Its totally mispronounciation in Turkish. It is native to Maghreb countries and took the word "a dish made of shredded dough". The Arabic word is derived from the Arabic verb kashkasha means"cropped". However, when it settled in Turkish, it became "couscous". It sounds terrible to our us today in our language. But mostly mother’s cook at home.

- Imam Bayildi (Imam Fainted): I think it's one of the most common dishes you'll come across in restaurants. The imam loved the food prepared by his wife. Over time, this olive oil dish was named after the imam; that he loved the food and he fainted. Or “bayilmak” also means “loving” in exaggeration; it can refer to the word “imam loved it”

- Kerhane Tatlisi (Brothel Dessert): Its real name is Müsebbek, but it got this name because it has been sold in front of brothels for decades, because it is a round powerful pastry dessert with syrup. Think about it; you are a very popular dessert and suddenly people call you whorehouse dessert… It is an unfortunate situation for dessert.

- Yengen (Sister-in-law): The man who takes his newly met girlfriend to the place where he always goes to and orders the sandwich with saying “its for your sister-in-law, bro" while ordering for his girlfriend. The person who takes the order prepares sandwich with extra ingredient for his customer’s girlfriend as a gesture. And serves the sandwich with saying “here is for you my sister-in-law”. The name of the sandwich remained as your “sister-in-law” after that. Sandwich with lots of ingredients!

- Ayşe Kadin Fasulye (Ayse Woman Beans): The meal which has the most logical background. The story takes place in the 1930s, in the Cagalogu and Babiali districts next to the Grand Bazaar. This is a place where journalists are working and spending time. As journalists have been visiting the restaurant which is run by Ayse, always ate one specific dish based with beans. So, they named this bean dish after Ayse Woman, the owner of the restaurant. When it was mentioned in news, Turkey started to call this bean dish by this name.

- Vezir Parmagi Tatlisi (Vizier’s finger dessert): There is a general story, if you want to believe it. On that day, a big banquet was held in the palace to celebrate that the Sultan was alive, and the vizier had dinner with the sultan at the same table. The dessert with sherbet and semolina prepared specially for that day by the palace cooks and presented to the sultan began to be called "vizier's finger" after that day.

- Kadinbudu Kofte (Hip of woman meatballs): As you can understand from the name, we liken it to “a woman's hip”. However, a man who liked the meatballs very much shouted to his wife with happiness because she cooked the meatballs as he loved the most, “This is woman!” It sounds phonetically similar to “Kadin budur!”. It is one of the most common dishes you will find at least as appetizers in restaurants.

- Anali Kizli Dish (Mother and daughter): We think that this name was given because the meatballs in the size of little marbles are in a single pot with their large and small structures. However, some sources say that a mother who is very fond of her daughter cooked this dish at a wedding of 7 days and 7 nights.

Did you try any of them before or are you willing to try? Take a photo, share it with us, or don't forget to tag us too.

Bon Appetite y’all :D

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