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Roof Tops in Istanbul

G├╝ncelleme tarihi: 31 Mar 2022

Few days ago one of the members of Girls Love Travel group, Morgan, asked for the best roof tops in Istanbul. And I realized that I need to be clear and sure about the roofs; trendy ones, interesting or hidden ones, or touristy onesÔÇŽ So the list appeared basically with many and more. Still today there are numerous roof top places appearing in Istanbul. Well, what you can do if the view is flawless!? Any way, lets cut the crap ­čśŐ There will be not enough of pictures, but would be enough when I clearly write. Please be informed that the list is not in an order of the quality or the rate I give. I just wrote the names randomly one and after the other.

Ps. If youÔÇÖd like to make reservations for you and if you still cannot choose which one will be the best for you, feel free to mail us here . We will be helping you directly. Beyoglu (Taksim ÔÇô Galata ÔÇô Cihangir ÔÇô Karakoy) 1- Mikla Restaurant: Cult of Istanbul! It took a place on the list of world 50 best restaurants. Chef restaurant, fusion food; also can be visited for cocktails and a glass of wine. Say hi to them from us. 2- Neolokal: Chef Restaurant, now another settled restaurant for years and known as Modern Anatolian Cuisine. Wine list is beautiful for the ones who are chasing for local boutique wines. Greetings from the team to them too. 3- Firuze Restaurant: I think they couldnÔÇÖt be sure about their menu as staff has been changing few times and the guests demands were different. But the investment of the Anemon Hotel to wine was their top move. Yanik Ulke wines, worth to try. At the roof top of Galata Anemon Hotel, but I love to sit on the Galata tower side. Being next to the tower in arm distance is not beatable. 4- Konak patisserie: This place is for a break in a middle of the day for deserts and coffee / tea. Beautiful bohemian atmosphere you will find. The negative side is; its always packed. 5- George Hotel Roof top: George hotel is a hidden gem in Galata area. The only disadvantage is the beautiful, hidden caf├ę/restaurant on roof is changing hands sometimes. Please check if they are open again. Be sure you are receiving recommendations of Fulya - manager of the hotel.

6- Nomads: For fun Turkish night chasers! This is for you. I personally h-a-t-e dinner cruises. But if you still like to see fun dancing Turkish night, Nomads is 100percent is one of my favorites, where Turks also visit. DonÔÇÖt forget ÔÇťdarbuka showÔÇŁ is the iconic one.

7- Grand Hotel Des Londres: Not many people knows there is a terrace and the terrace is very regular, not even chich but the building is from 19th century which hosted travelers of Orient Express back in time. I say this is the only hotel I like the dust in! If you like to see the sunset of Golden Horn, you can think about having a drink.

8- Murver Restaurant: OMG! My dear Murver, Fatih is manager and Mevlut and Turgay chefs are amazing. Little bit pricy like Mikla and Neolokal but if you want to experience the latest new vibe of Turkish cuisine, you will love this place a lot. Also, for the ones who are interested, I love ÔÇťchefs tableÔÇŁ the most. 9- Corinne Terrace: Another terrace i dont know why they dont manage it rightly, but the atmosphere in plant decorations is so so so beautiful... I cannot say there is something special but for drinks after dinner maybe, or some salad, pasta, regular foodÔÇŽ I donÔÇÖt know why I feel so comfortable here.

10- Mesai Restaurant: If you are looking for seafood options but more importantly "modern meyhane" with new style music in old school type. They are not really up for saying ÔÇťmodern meyhaneÔÇŁ but I donÔÇÖt mind calling it that way. I love the staff and their effort on improving the things. Maybe after hammam downstairs at Tarihi Cesme Hamami, then you can end up with dinner at Mesai.

11- Aretin Yeri: Totally not fancy - old school meyhane run by Armenian owner called Aret. The place doesnÔÇÖt have a huge view but the atmosphere and food beats the other classic meyhanes. The actual first order will be your drink and you can choose and chill with food later. Trust the waitorsÔÇÖ suggestions just like the other meyhanes. 12- Monkey bar: Looking for a chill place, house music and some cocktails? There we are. 13- Tersane Karakoy: A beautiful, delicious "ocakbasi" restaurant at the roof top. This is one of our favorite stops while we are walking around Karakoy quarter. Say hi to Yasar, manager, of the restaurant from us. 14- Barnathan Roof: Lately, probably after these instagrammer videos, these kind of Italian looking places started to be trendy. International cuisine, nice cakes and some soft drinks are waiting you at Barnathan Terrace. Actually, for me, the apartment is very special, and the terrace is always crazy packed; but lets give it a try. 15- Cafe le Banc: Meet the best hostel and its owners of Istanbul. Cafe Le Banc located in Sishane quarter. Need a secret exit? Order your coffee, say hi from us. And maybe you can jump in to any event of them? Bonus of the area: - Sabirtasi Restaurant: I didnÔÇÖt list them up there because of their amazing street food on Istiklal Street. They have a stall where they sell stuffed meat balls. But the name refers to ÔÇťpatience!ÔÇŁ which means to reach the restaurant you need to walk up 5 floors! And this hidden gem is housing a family business up on the terrace. Say hi to Mustafa and his beautiful wife from me. Old City ( Sirkeci ÔÇô Spice Market ÔÇô Grand Bazaar area ÔÇô Sultanahmet ÔÇô Gulhane) 1- Terrace of Mest Hotel: Are you planning to visit Spice market area? If yes, add this place to your list. But donÔÇÖt tell anyone ­čśâ Because they just opened the gates and donÔÇÖt have proper menu but for coffee/tea, and with its view its extremely surprising to visit. 2- Sirkeci Lokantasi Roof: At the top of Cronton Hotel , you found the most reasonable and joyful cozy spot! Orhan and Oguz managers are helping you out. This is a little chance to rest after shopping in Spice market ;) 3- Deraliye Terrace : Blue mosque areaÔÇÖs gem. Deraliye is famous with Ottoman Palace background. Of course touristy restaurant but the most trust-worthy stop. 4- Seven Hills: Most of the people who have been here love this place. Especially with its location itÔÇÖs a great one. I cannot say its my type with its crowd and rushing waitors and seems everyone is happy with their experiences. So worth to place it on my list.

To be continuedÔÇŽ :) PS. Wanna make reservations to the place which is the most suitable for you? Mail us now.

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