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Sexism in Alcohol - Cheers to All

Güncelleme tarihi: 21 Mar

In the current social context, we can still see the concept of sexism intensely in every field. Although sexism is done directly in some events, in some events it can happen spontaneously with the norms instilled in us in a completely instinctive way. One of the examples of sexism that occurs in an instinctive way indirectly is the preference for alcohol and cocktails according to the gender difference. This essay will proceed through the binary gender system. If we look at the density of alcohol served in any bar, club or hotel bars and the gender distribution, we see an instinctive radical difference in both pure alcohols and cocktails. Even some alcohol presentations vary according to the gender difference. If we look at alcohol preferences; Whiskey, cognac type heavy alcohols are mostly preferred by men. One of the biggest reasons for this is that masculine scene that comes to life in our minds that we see in movies and TV series. A man who is strong is sitting on a leather sofa sipping whiskey in one hand and smoke cigars in the other. If we start from here, we can already assume that men prefer heavy alcoholic drinks because they are strong and tough beings. In addition, women prefer wine and champagne more. Because it is more elegant and polite. Both because of the elegance of the wine / champagne glass and the low alcohol content, women who are emotional prefer this type of alcohol. As I said, even the presentation of some types of alcohol may differ according to gender. For example, Baileys is a liqueur; men mostly prefer it in a whiskey glass with molded ice, while women prefer it in a timeless couple or martini glass with broken ice. As for cocktail options and preferences, usually men prefer more intense, heavily alcoholic cocktails, while women prefer cocktails with less alcoholic color or visually pleasing. For example; Long Island Ice Tea with 5 whites in it ( rom, gin, vodka, tequia, triple sec.), Negroni ( campari, martini rosso, gin), Bloody Mary ( vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt, black pepper) are more preferred among men. While; Aperol Spritz (Champagne, aperol, mineral water) Cosmopolitan ( vodka, triple sec., cherry juice, lemon juice) Mojito ( rom, mineral water, brown sugar, mint, lime) Pina Colada ( rom, batida de coco, pineapple juice, milk) Sangria ( wine, juice and fruit pieces) we see that it is more preferred by women in cocktails containing different sweeteners with light alcohol. Even the beer we drink during the day just to breathe or even to cool off has been chosen according to genders, if you look a little carefully, it can be noticed very easily. The Dutch brewer also made an advertising film by humorously criticizing the gender stereotypes of drinkers in its new campaign, which it has prepared. In the commercial titled "Cheers to All", the waiters give cocktails to the women at the bar every time and beer to the men every time without asking. The men and women in the ad are also constantly changing the two types of drinks by making the waiter strange. In the advertisement, women are drinking beer with pleasure while men are sipping cocktails. He argues that the gender norms that exist in all areas of society should be broken in all areas, I wanted to express with this article that just as we argue that colors, toys and professions do not have genders, alcohol and cocktails also do not have gender stereotypes. Cheers to All Mert Erdogan

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