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As a drop in this cyber ocean, we don't do Google adds to promote our services or articles.
This a blog is started for our guests and friends and for their friends from all around the world.
Everyone in #FF team are in tourism or gastronomy sector and we possibly are living the life that influencers want to.
Isn't it a perfect combination of writing a blog and living it? We should do it together!

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Wine Tasting by Yacht

Be ready for unforgettable hours of tasting local grapes between two continents. Our sommelier and magnificent yacht are waiting for you.
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Cozy Accommodation

Since 2020, accommodation started to take more important role while traveling. Let's find the best stylish and your type of accommodation together.
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Otel odasında Çift

Culinary wonders
of  the world

Destination: Barcelona - Spain

Why Barcelona?
Let's explain it in the shortest and clearest way: Barcelona, the key point of gastronomy tourism, the milestone, the heart of gastronomy where all cultures from Europe, Asia, Africa are blended. A city that provides an opportunity to everyone for fine dinner lovers and those who cannot give up street food, and a spirit that never loses its energy, from young to old. We are in Barcelona!

about our services in Barcelona

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