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Gourmet Nights and Bites Tour - Beyoglu

3+ Hours
Starting at 6.00 pm
Suitable for everyone above 18
Participants below 18 can join the tour with their parents
(includes alcohol – drinking ag
e starts with 18 in Turkey)
Meeting Point in front of Karakoy Gumruk Café & Restaurant
Adress: Kemankes Karamustafa Pasa, Gumruk Sk. no: 4, 34425 Beyoglu/Istanbul

The Unique Gourmet Nights and Bites Tour
A nostalgic meyhane nights are awaiting us. We are in one of the most romantic and street-loving areas of Istanbul. This is one of the inspirational regions for travelers who travel for food. Not only food, but also strolling among the 19th century architecture adds color to your day. We will explore together the places where locals dine and toast in an area.

What is meyhane?
The "meyhane", which dates back to the Eastern Roman Culture, takes its name from the Persian word "mey", that is wine. Meyhanes “wine houses" changed their style over time and usual visitors started to order our famous aniseed friend “raki” here.
Over time and in recent history, taverns have become places to visit after afternoon coffee. They were known as the places where the intellectuals of the city, who made their mark in history, came to have a glass or two. Or a bottle if they get together...
These raki tables, where lovers wrote poems; the world is imagined as a more peaceful place; football is not missing in war and peace, still preserve their spirit today.

Meze Culture
The most famous dish that will accompany us on our table is "meze", which means taste and taste. In fact, if you ask Turks, "What is the main dish?" we will tell you, "conversation of course". But if you are at meyhane, meze is the best company for raki. The mezes served in the middle have been an ideal communication tool to break down the status differences throughout history. People sharing food from the same plate ignored the hierarchical structure against each other. Although they are usually seafood and vegetable-based dishes, you can find legume and yogurt-based dishes as well. Meze is such an endless culture in the modernizing Turkish cuisine that it can be found on every table, from what our mothers prepare for guests, to treats offered at business meetings.

This delicious tour takes approximately 3+ hours. And in our tour, we not only present and explain the dishes to you, but also provide you with an idea about the development of the gastronomy and restaurant industry as much as we can. We visit the most special taverns of Istanbul and see how this natural cosmopolitan Rum, Turkish, Armenian and Sefardic blend is reflected on the tables.

Book your place now.
After all, we will be in at least one meyhane tonight anyway ;) so join us.

Did you know?
Tourism Guidance is protected by law in Turkey. Our guides are not only licensed after detailed university graduation but also have expertise in their field or have personal interests on food.

Departs with minimum 2 people
(Please be informed that tour includes alcoholic beverages)
170 eu per person


- Licensed Professional T
our Guide
- A metro ride included in the tour

- All food and beverage expenses mentioned by the guide


- All personal expenses are excluded.

Mail us for group reservations, learn about our group prices after 4people.
Our tours are departing only with reservation of minimum 2 persons.
Please inform us with any of your food intolerances or allergies in advance.
Our tours are not suitable for our vegan friends; but vegetarian options can be planned if informed earlier.
Available in English and Turkish languages. For your language option, please get in touch with us.

Our tours are run with a collaboration of Turkey Tour Organizer.

Beyoglu is famous with roof top restaurants. Fancy yourself with a drink at the roof top in Istanbul.
Find the most suitable one for yourself

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