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A Classic in Town - Chanel [Original or Fake?]

Are you also a Chanel human? Honestly i have that huge thing to the classics of Dior, McQueen, Chanel... And i never counted myself a person of Hermes or Balenciaga... But also i'm a person who loves small designers' boutiques and who cannot wear her chanel bag daily when im heading to my tours or shopping. Truly the city where you are living or the place where you are heading to is effecting your outfit! Considering Istanbul is a crowded city and in the hussle and bussle of my dear town i dont want my beloved Chanel to get dirty easier. If im in rush to find my keys, i do never want to harm her [sad face].

Photo Credits to Chanel's webpage

But there are billions of people such as celebs, biz people, or just "look-at-me" type ones like to wear them every single day even they go for grocery shopping. But how do you know if they really ruin their 3000us bags for a bunch of carrot? Well, im not judging, it's just here to understand if your neighbor lieing you about her fancy day or not. Before we go i really love to share this link with you, after watching many videos about bags' qualities, this video and she became my fav! I dropped for the explanation and she really compares the most similar bags ive ever seen. Here below we go. Besides a general not crazily detailed info i prepared for you for classic falp bags. Ps in advance for company; for commercials, why Kristen Stewart? Anyway... 1- Stitches! An authentic Chanel has a thickset. Stitches are quite close to each other and not too long.

A Genuine Fake models

2- Feeling Puffy? Due to the previous reason, Chanel shouldn't give you a feeling of puffy and fat. Thickset makes the diamond shapes less puffy.

3- Logos In genuine fake ones it's rare to find the Metal logos really manufacturing defect. However it's good to keep in mind that the logo at the cover must be looking flawlessly designed.

4- Inner Logos Ok, Here i'm telling you girls, if you have a replica bag, and if its flawless from outside but if the inner design sucks, do not even imagine stepping into La Fayette's at Paris! Yes, Still! Cuz they check the bags at the entrance, and with my mum i experienced it. Here at the picture you can find a great copies of a flap bag but it onlly matters with the inner logo. As you can see that CC logo is not perfectly circled! and -well thts my opinion but the metal part where "Chanel Paris" is written is way too much shinning. Doesn't have be too cloudy but if this shouts out that much crazy brand new, i feel little nervous. Make sure you get original one when you are heading to high end spots! 5- Heavy or not? Oh yes, an authectic flap bag is not really light, due to the chains - we will get to this subject. But besides due to the leather quality it souldn't be as light as plastic... Out friend Vivian, mentions about that on her video as well. 6- Chains Vintage looking ones obviously need to have "vintage" looking! However when we mention chains we are talking here actually about the enlaced leather. For example mine, which is python leather flap bag, has very straight looking of its leather while some bloggers are saying it must be looking handmade. Looking handmade doesnt have to be really in bad looking conditions. Stitches on leather can be looking handmade. Thickness changes from form to form but generally we can count most of them have elegant looking and feeling. And most importantly leather enlaced in chains shouldn't be looking really hard.


7- Leather or Not? Ok if you are buying from store and i believe you are at original one, it will smell like leather, but if you will try to sniff your friend's bag, come on girls, after wearing it many times it will probably smell like a perfume or crossing fingers but hope not like popcorn... Leather never keeps its leather fragrance. 8- Serial and packaging Last one, i never care, is packaging but the important part is serial number. I don't why people love unboxing videos, but it's not a meditation to me, it stresses me out, and after unboxing i throw most of papers and bags and blaa.. whatever. But some bags are wrapped in a lovely cotton bag. Those ones i love to use. And about serial number is generally located at the very bottom of your bag. Honestly yes, due to my job - guiding for gastronomy and lifestyle - i know the greatest fake stores but i always feel like i dont wanna fake anything in my life. Even you can tell or not if thats a fake one, we recommend you to head to the original stores or follow up for second hand or sale pages or markets; or do my fav thing, follow up high quality elegant vintage fashion or modern designers' stores. Looking forward y'all in Istanbul And looking forward for your comments. Cheers everyone. Sanem Yucesoy

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