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As the days passed quickly, September came. And the travel day of a small a little group has approached. I was going to prepare a small list for Joe and his family, who will be traveling south to Istanbul in mid-September, and I realized that this list would be very productive for all of us. So, Joe, this blog is for you and from me to all readers, thanks to you. For people who will travel to Turkey for the first time, the choice of clothing can be a bit complicated. However, although it is difficult to draw certain lines in the name of dress code, it is actually so easy. Let's start with the 2 rules of suitcase preparation:

- Comfort: The more comfortable you feel with your clothes in Turkey, the easier your trip will be. Whether the word relaxation is jacket or sportswear for you, that's where you decide.

- Planning: Planning is everything in suitcase preparation. Go with the flow is our favorite form of travel. But, for example, if you know where you're going in the evening, you might want to throw an extra shirt in your bag. DRESSCODES IN TURKIYE - Stylish Turkey: Mostly Turkey's hippie or shabby style is reflected in street fashion. But whether it's from TV series or an endless fast fashion shopping spree, everyone in Turkey likes to dress up! Especially after social media took over our lives, we became able to see outfits that especially look nice and people like to even match colors. Therefore, if you are someone who likes to dress up, being as stylish as you are comfortable can make you feel more local. - Typical tourist look: I'm not saying it looks bad, but if you want it to be understood that you are a tourist and don't know anything about Turkey, this clothing is for you: Climbing outfits in the city! Its a big no-no! I don't need to give too much detail, you got it completely. This outfit is exactly the kind of outfit preferred by American groups traveling to Turkey as backpackers in the 90s. If there is climbing in your trip, I would still recommend keeping a nice pair of trousers/dresses in your suitcase for Istanbul. - Respect to the locals: Yes, Turkey is a 97 percent Muslim country. However, I am sure that the 70-year-old Christian population also does not want to see openly dressed girls. Therefore, assuming that it is a cultural structure, not a religious one, I would suggest not to choose very revealing clothing. What does this mean? For example, a miniskirt can draw a lot of attention with a sleeveless t-shirt. There's no such thing as you can't. As a group that advocates that everyone should wear what they want, let's say that we recommend this option only for the older age group with the respect to them. But do you feel the eyes on you as you walk the streets? Yes, even girls look at girls more and give points :D - Choosing the outfits and colors: As we mentioned in the previous blog; We love white sneakers. However, if you have a very valuable white shoe, do not put it in your suitcase. I don't want you to get your Alexander McQueen white sneakers dirty on the streets of Istanbul and during unexpected rains. But regular white sneakers are life-savers. The city loves colors. Especially turquoise, orange, fuchsia and blue go well with Istanbul. I seriously like white. However, I would say don't choose the white color when you are going to do food tours, because you will try very messy food. With lots of olive oil or tomato sauce... mmhh :) - At Mosque Entrances: Yes, the most important of the common questions! Regardless of gender, clothing should be modest. Shoulders are closed, trousers or skirts should be below the knee. Since we take off shoes when entering the mosque, if you do not have socks on your feet and you feel uncomfortable, it would be reasonable to carry socks with you. It's also great to have easy folding bags like a tote bag/laundry bag/plastic bag with you, as we'll have to leave shoes within everyone's reach at the door. So you can take the shoes inside with you. And yes for women, it will be great to have a shawl or scarf with them. - Scarf / Shawl: Yes this topic is mostly for women and men who like cool shawls. Even if you are not someone who likes to carry a lot of shawls, you can become addicted in Istanbul. There are shawls in so many different colors and fabrics. My advice is to always have a shawl with you. Because you may suddenly see a perfect mosque and want to enter, or you may come across an unexpected wind. - Dinners: Of course, you will have a hard time choosing among countless restaurants. Especially if you have short time. But my vote; to keep your lunch experiences a little street style and a little light during the day and choose a nice restaurant for the evening. Istanbul is a city that offers its enthusiasts pleasant options of all kinds and in all shapes. What will you wear? Dress code is smart casual unless, of course, they tell you otherwise. There are very, very exceptional rules like tuxedos, under conditions like special events. But mostly we Turks are out for dinner after a busy day, so it is important for us to feel comfortable. But if you book a fancy restaurant and you want to wear glitters and heels and cool makeup, why not?! You don't necessarily have to party to shine. The party is wherever you are happy. But do you want to go to the restaurant with sneakers? Come in. Unless it's flip flops, no one can say anything if you're feeling good. - The first impression: Grand Bazaar, Sultanahmet, shopping malls, restaurants... there is an unspoken rule in many places. With the first impression, the salespeople can read you right away! Everything from the shoes you wear to your jewelry gives information about your budget and spending habits. So my advice is to look as plain as possible when you go shopping. If you say "no, I'll still look the way I want", my advice is not to look amateur when bargaining. Because those crazy shopkeepers know very well from the very beginning how much you can spend on what. - Warm climates: We're going down south! We should talk again about modest clothing that I have told you so far. Gizem, the chief editor of FFMag, is from Manisa. And I'll never forget one thing he said to me: "It's so hot that even the old folks are walking around in athletes." Hot weather conditions affect the cultural structure in some regions, especially in touristic areas. No matter how much people take care to wear closed, sometimes humidity and heat prevent them from wearing closed. So as long as you don't bother - and I don't think you will - you have a chance to wear whatever you want. After all, it's sooo hot! Also do not forget these too: - Adapter for Turkey - Sucscreen - Hat (if you like) - Comfy sneakers or boots - Swimsuit (at least for hammam) - Flip flops/birkenstocks in any case - Shawl or scarf for ladies - A light jacket (in case of rain) - Personal items & hygiene kits - Light towel

Safe travels everyone Sanem.

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