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A Short History of Rings and Each Finger

Did you know that so little piece of jewellery is capable of being part of not just in fashion, but in economics, hierarchy, symbolism and even politics? The rings are one of the crucial piece of jewellery to state yourself with different parts of your life. There are dozens of styles and dozens of wearing methods but like I said, they are not just a piece of metal that you can simply buy and use in the early days.

First ring usage was founded in Egypt. Our sources saying that lovers gave their rings to each other which they called rings of love, made of woven reeds or leather. Egyptians and later Romans and Greeks believed that the rings are the symbols of love, infinity, an deven gifts from the gods. Leather rings are used by villagers and other “low class” people while the metal, gold, or gem rings are used by more higher class, rich and famous people.


The rings can include a family crest, a seal or an organization symbol… The list goes on. In our times, some countries are still using rings as a tradition. For example, the most popular one is England.

Signet rings are so popular on this day and it is based on Mesopotamian Empire. It used as an authenticity and seal documents. Because in that time, signet rings has a circular shape with carvings. That way you can roll your signet ring on the paper and sign it way quicker than using a seal. It was more practical and more authentic. That’s why it was so popular among leaders, families, clubs or specific important persons. It is some kind of showing your identity and using it in both social and practical jobs. Most famous and royal families, critical figures of our World such as religious leaders, some politicians, presidents etc. has their own signet rings, or cultural rings from their country. You can wear a signet ring basically any finger you want but if you want to loyal to let’s say British traditions, you need to wear it on your “pinky finger”. This is the popular and more traditional way to wear the signet ring.

But what about other ones? Of course all fingers has some sort of meanings vary on different cultures. Still, the most popular finger is for the rings is of course the “ring finger”. We use the ring finger most for our wedding bands. Because it has a beautiful and poetic meaning that passed from generations to generations. Some cultures believed that ring finger have one vein going straight to the heart. This tradition became very popular and because of that, nearly in every culture, wedding bands are wore it on their ring finger.

Sometimes wedding bands are also weared on pinky finger and stacked with signet rings. Ring stacking was also varies between different cultures and it is a thing that very common in royal families also…

Now the “middle finger”. The tallest ones in our hands, middle finger is certinally more quick way to show your ring and state yourself. The rings for that finger are mostly heaviely decorated and more bigger, eye catchier than other ones. There are some leaders who like to wear their signet rings on this finger too because of that sense. If you want to show yourself with your accessory, thats the second populer finger for sure. It makes some kind of a symetry in your hand and don’t interrupt you for your jobs. It’s both fashionable and comfortable…

Let’s look at the finger we definitely most used as a tool and express ourselves, the “index finger”. Mostly generals, kings, captains etc. wore the rings on that finger it in history. Because we point with that finger, we use this finger more often than any other finger. Some leaders choose this finger for their signet ring also and some generals use this finger to wear a ring that has “coat of arms”, show their rank to other people and their status in their army.

Now last one, the “thumb”. Thumb is a more of a communication finger. We thumbs up, thumbs down with this finger. We use this finger usually for fingerprints. In the ancient times, kings are telling their executioners to finish their work with this finger. Painters are using this finger to look the shape of the objects that they are drawing as well. The thumb rings has mostly not too much bulky, straight designs for the comfort of the hand but some people wear heaviely decorated rings to show themselves too.

In our modern life, there is no rules to express yourself of course. If you want, you can wear a wedding band on your pinky, you can wear all five fingers and maybe stack your rings with one finger. There is no limit for you to show yourself to people.

Now you know the meanings of the fingers and little history of the rings with them.


“Wear a ring, make a state. Show yourself to others so that everyone know you, as you.”



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