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Best Designer Boutiques in Nisantasi - Istanbul

Are you one of those who love shopping in the city?

Personally, I love fashion shopping at small business owners or designers much more than the big luxury high-end brands. So I wanted to have a few shops that I want to share with you.

If you're looking for a Manhattan-like Brooklyn in Istanbul, your destination is clear: Nisantasi!

It is a region where you can find quality fabrics and carefully prepared clothing, jewelry and similar products instead of ordinary regular mass clothing.

In the meantime, let's not miss the cafe restaurants, which are ideal for stopping and breathing.

ARZYU - Arzu Kaprol: Arzu Kaprol, one of the most valuable designer names in the city, is in Nisantasi with her intimate showroom.You are so lucky if you come across her conversation. It's an honor to meet her. Common People Cafe & Travelers who want quality cozy clothing should be the first address of this place. Where Common People and their team are may be where you feel most comfortable. FEY Fatos Yalın The showroom of Dear Fatos Yalin, the address of pleasant daily and stylish clothing suitable for all sizes and ages. My Best Friends My Best Friends for quality, design, daily and evening wear. Vakkorama & Vakko & V2K We even have a blog post about this company. Vakko has spread all over V2K Nişantaşı, which includes the younger Vakkorama and its designers. It can open its doors to every enthusiast with its budget-friendly and top segment products. Alfabeta Alfabeta, one of the pioneers of evening and chic event wear, with its models that do not shock you but makes you fall in love with itself. Roberto Nisantasi If you are looking for accessible tiny sweet boutiques, Roberto was once one of the most popular mini boutiques. It is still the favorite of our young girls who come to Nişantaşı. Manuk’s Workshop A journey from the Grand Bazaar to Karakoy and from Karakoy to Nisantasi. If you say "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication", Manuk's jewelry is just for you. Tina Jewelery Tina is a true lady stonemason. I had a pearl necklace when I met Tina, and she told me "every lady should have a pearl necklace or earrings". If you meet Tina or her daughter don't forget to hug them for us House of Design (Yuka Studio, Lucky Culture, Gufo Jewelry) A concept shop that brings together 3 strong and well-matched jewelry companies. Especially the fact that every piece of jewelry has a story, it connects you emotionally. Wish Store It is one of the rare shops that I love to go in and peck every time I pass by. If you are looking for souvenirs and quality effortable products, you will love Wish Store and its staff. Mandarin Jewelry Tiny, pleasant, nice to poke around. Also perfect for little jewelry gifts. Quqla Accessories A delightful jewelery shop with enough visuals to take you in as you pass through its door. Ceren Ocak It's a custom clothing store next to the two shops I mentioned above. But that's not all, Ceren Ocak deserves to be known much faster than many designer shops. Semih Vintage I said I wouldn't talk about high-end, but that's a bonus. Even though we have cut our ties with high-margin products in the life that has passed, we cannot ignore the classiest of second-hand shops. Enjoy your day in our Nisantasi ;) Sanem Yucesoy

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