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A Turkish High End Brand – VAKKO

While wandering around the Grand Bazaar or the historical peninsula, I constantly see something to my left and right. Unfortunately, the replicas only keep the originals alive.

We know that countless people of the sector earn from this field; but what do we really support?

This article was written for those who love quality brands and are committed to long-lasting products. Most importantly, it is important to know where or from whom to shop while traveling.

Here we need to introduce you to a local and very valuable family: Vakko!

THIS IS A FAMILY BUSINESS Vitali Hakko was the first founder of Vakko and opened the gates under the name of Sen Sapka. When his older brother Albert Hakko became their business partner, they changed their name to Vakko. It established its first factory in Merter region, which is one of today's wholesale clothing centers. Then they opened their second branch in Ankara and then in Izmir. The 1980s was the period when they blended Anatolian fabric with the western concept. The show they organized called "Anatolian Sun" had a great impact in Rome, Vienna, Brussels, Paris and London. The 80s also met with a first in Turkey; The first youth store is Vakkorama. Vakkorama opened its first store in the Taksim region in 1982. Not only fashion but also in sports, art and music was in the heart of her. "Always young, dynamic, exciting, innovative and free," she says of herself. How nice that there has not been a change in her soul from past to present! And borders expanded. New York fashion began to influence the streets of Istanbul with its team called V2K Designers. V2K Designers is Turkey's first concept store where different world brands meet under the same roof.

Brother-sister harmony, which is Vakko's milestone, enabled all generations to embrace the family profession.

While their starting point was to produce scarves and hats with Turkish silk, Turkish cotton and Turkish wool, they made a rapid transition to modern merchandising. Vakko, which has made a new breakthrough with Vakkorama Cafes, especially in locations such as Zorlu Center, Akmerkez, Nisantasi, is the heart of Turkish modernism! Let's go shopping together and sit down for a coffee and dessert. DM us Sanem Yucesoy

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