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Belgrade - A Boho Gem in the Heart of Europe

Belgrade is an undiscovered gem!

Getting to this city, located in the heart of Europe, is incredibly easy.

The effects of recent history continue on the walls of the houses or in the souls of people. But in a conversation or two you notice the feeling that the public wants to move away from politics and want more peace. And it all starts with showing you respect for their culture and history.

Why do we love this city so much? The only reason is the people of the city! Although the city reflects architectural influences and natural features like any other city in Europe with its geological location and nature, a bohemian city with such a soul is rare.

From street art to food, toasts to unstoppable music, this city awaits you with its pure heart! Let's visit the restaurants that make this city perfect for us. No.1 TEATRO TEKA

At the top of the list is a hidden treasure in the heart of the city. Actually, I didn't want to share this place with you, just like the next place. However, I couldn't help but write because of my "support small business" ideology. Because there are some places, when no one knows and their characters are stronger when they are silent.

Fortunately, Teatro Teka, as with the same name, becomes huge with the power of an artistic background.

You can only discover the place by asking. Or if you follow the white-haired men walking slowly down the street with their newspaper in hand, maybe you can reach Teatro Teka. When you see Goran with his upright posture, you may feel like you are watching a character straight out of Momo Kapor's book. While Slavisha is serving your beer, you meet a beautiful woman at the next table: Sonja and her husband and owner of the place, Sasa.

This is the address of Batana Cake, the most perfect dessert in the city! (Respects to the Chef) and the best sausages in town are here! They're as good as a 72-year-old Serbian perfumer said! No.2 TOSIN BUNAR DZAKARTA RESTAURANT

Shall we take you away from the city center and into a real "Kafana"? Tosin Bunar was the first Serbian tavern where my Serbian friends brought me. When we went back to Belgrade after 5 years, we decided to make our first and only reservation to this restaurant. We easily hop on a bus from the city center and get off right in front of the restaurant.

From the first moment we reached them on social media until we left the city, Sladjana, who followed every moment perfectly, made our visit perfect! He introduced us to Bojan, the restaurant manager, and we really had the most perfect dinner here. We cannot put into words such special moments as helping us with food suggestions and sharing the recipe of the chef's dessert with us. I think the tripe dish was one of the most memorable ones. Great music, unique tastes, local atmosphere also integrates with its history. The restaurant has the legend of the city! It is said that there was a holy spring here, and most of the people approve of it. From start to finish, many thanks and gratitude to Sladjana, Bojan and the entire team. No.3 TRI SESIRA

We turn our direction to Skadarlija, the most bohemian part of the city. Let's dream a little. Let's go back in history a bit... Imagine men walking on cobblestone streets and talking to each other. They are looking for a place. They will sit and talk, criticize the politics of the day, maybe some will write poetry or novels. It's over there! Here they can sit in that restaurant!

Tri Sesira is a rare place that hosts the intellectuals of the past. Who knows how many love stories this restaurant has witnessed in these streets. How many drunks came to fight and have coffee together in the morning... Tri Sesira endlessly satisfies those who want to enjoy Belgrade's Bohemian Romance.

In some sources, you can read comments such as "it was crowded, touristic...". I never agree! Of course, it will be touristic, because the most valuable people ate at that restaurant! It will be crowded, of course, because it not only has the most soulful place in the city, but also has one of the most delicious menus. Honestly, you can enjoy local cuisine with its own twist, compared to many newly opened high-end luxury restaurants. Special thanks to each and every one of your staff. You are so "love". No.4 KALEMEGDAN TERRACE

Kalemegdan stands before us as a stronghold in the north of the city, with all its nobility, seriousness and loyalty. I think you will do this first. You will come to the city, settle in the hotel and want to see the highlights first. At that point, the road will first bring you to Kalemegdan. During your visit to Kalemegdan, if you look at the city from above, if you say "a glass of wine would be wonderful"; Kalemegdan Terrace is standing right there. Its pizza is as perfect as its local cuisine, but the comfort, coziness and spirit of this place never makes you feel like you are in a touristic area. Vojkan, the owner of the place, greets you with a huge smile and shows how true Serbian hospitality is. Even that single glass of wine couldn't have made your city trip more special than that. Please stop by, place your order at Kalemegdan Terrace, with your family, your lover, your friends or maybe alone, inhale the woody, romantic, curious, male and female scent of the city. You will fall in love. No.5 QUESTION MARK (ZNAK PITANJA)

Let's not get too far from Kalemegdan. It doesn't matter if it's lunch or dinner, but we are in such a delightful, tiny yet famous location. Milos, who hosted us on our last visit, we miss you already. Because this is such a cute restaurant that even though we said we're going to have a rakija and go out, and even though we don't speak the same language, it is the restaurant that tries to welcome us in some way. Of course, this rakija macaré ended with a huge dinner, and here was definitely the most delicious Aspic we've ever eaten! We said one rakija, but we tried them all! With its tiny chairs and unbelievably ordinary lighting and effortless atmosphere, you will leave this restaurant heartbroken. Then come on, Jiveli! (Jiveli: Cheers in Serbian) No.6 ALLO ALLO PICEIJA

Again, we are in one of the restaurants we found by asking the locals. What? The pizzeria? But from the door, it didn't look like a pizzeria at all. Because although they are said to have delicious pizzas, I have to admit, their sausages and "cevabis" are definitely f-law-less! We didn't expect this when we ordered a mixed sausage plate! Such a huge and delicious plate arrived that we could not find an example of it anywhere else. Melting "Kajmak" (clotted cream) is creme de la creme detail! But I think what impressed us the most was the wonderful atmosphere of this place. The details, the walls, the lights, the visitors... that reflect a real Serbian spirit that you can imagine, came together without a single mistake. With the "dog parking" sign on the door, this is the place where guests who go out for a walk with their dogs can stop for a beer. The staff are attentive, helpful and understand your taste. We will meet again, dear Allo Allo. BONUS: No.7 SWEET ‘N’ CHILI

Let me introduce you to a dear cafe that we discovered by chance while walking around the city and that helps us when we need a warm atmosphere. Sweet & Chili is a hot chocolate miracle place with its colors, tinyness and smiling face! Quite picturesque and comfortable. Travelers who want to sit and relax, don't forget to drop by here and tag us!

And don't forget to order hot chocolate if available! We love this place, dear friends. Sanem Yucesoy +90.555.7644303

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