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Boring Recipes in the Extraordinary Times - Lentil Soup

Hallo from a Turkish in Germany,

What an extraordinary period we are going through! Maybe I’m a little bit naive but I would have never thought that we would have to lock ourselves down in the 21th century. Just like the rest of the world we are also staying at home, trying to go outside as less as possible.

Today is the 13th day of my quarantine. The Cafe I was working at is closed and my German course is paused. I am literally having my least social period of my life. As an extrovert and a super social person, the situation is a bit struggling for me. Therefore I tried to find some avocations for me through social media and youtube. I found some nice indoor exercise videos and workout plans which I have been doing for 2 weeks and I have to admit that they are quite helpful. I decided to cancel my gym membership.

I know that for now I haven't mentioned anything related to the title. But here it comes :) I was in the tourism business for nearly years but cooking is my greatest hobby. I love cooking, I love baking and besides I love feeding people :) I like our traditional cuisine and little modernisation is ok but I am against creating something totally different and call it traditional bla bla bla… But I am also open to new recipes, new tastes and new cuisines.

As I said in the beginning, we are living unusual lives nowadays and social media is full of people who are giving recipes. I find the idea very nice. Because staying at home for a long time requires cooking everyday at least one or two courses and I am sure there are many people out there who want to cheer the table with new tastes. But what I see on the foodie/chef accounts on social media is the traditional/usual recipes. Man, I don’t want to see avocado toast or Menemen! Please be creative! People need new tastes with easily accessible ingredients. That’s why I am here to give you a very simple, delicious and extraordinary soup recipe :) It has been nearly 2 years since I have moved into Germany and I gradually get used to German and European cuisines. Pairing sweet and salty and sour together is not welcomed by many of us, Turkish people. But now I am thinking how wrong I was. The first recipe I am writing here is Lentil Soup with Apples.


  1. 150 gr. Red Lentil

  2. 2 medium sized red apples

  3. 1 liter lukewarm water

  4. 5 tbsp Olive Oil or 1 tbsp butter

  5. 100 ml heavy cream or whole milk

  6. 100 ml white wine

  7. Salt and Black Pepper(according to your wish)

  8. Chopped parsley and chili flakes for decoration

Cooking directions

Wash the lentils but do not wash too many times, we need that starch in the lentils and set a side. Peel the apples, remove the seeds and grate them very thin. At this point you can use self made apple juice if you have a juicer. Put the lentils,grated apples/ apple juice and salt into a pot and add the water and bring it up to boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer until the lentils fall apart. Do not place any covers on the pot we do not want to mess around:) We are not going to purée this soup that’s why you should better let it simmer for an extra 15 minutes.

When the lentils and apples are soft and well cooked remove the pot off the stove and add Olive Oil (cool) or butter(a little caramelised),heavy cream, white wine and black pepper then mix it with a hand whisk. Put a cover on the pot now and let the last added ingredients infuse into the soup. Ta da! Your soup is ready to enjoy!

Guten Appetit!

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