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Don’t Leave Istanbul Before You’ve Done These 10

We are getting used to the new normal life and we started to make travel plans. Therefore for the ones who are planning to travel Istanbul we made a little list of must be done activities in Istanbul before you leave. 1- Visiting Highlights

Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque(check the restoration situation), Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern(if closed ask for the optional competitive ones) are the highlights of Istanbul, those must be visited by all travelers. 2- Bosphorus Tour

Bosphorus is the pearl of Istanbul, being in the middle of two continents is a unique experience. Due to the social distance measures we recommend to book a private or “really” small group boat tours. 3- Kebap at Ocakbasi

Yes you can find kebap at every corner but “ocakbasi” is a true culture. If it’s winter day, book a chair by the fireplace, and order each time when you want to have one more skewer. 4- Seafood & meze spots – ‘Meyhane’s

When you ask for a seafood to a Turkish, we answer “in meyhane we trust”. Meyhane is well known with “rakı” drink, however these are the restaurant you can always get fresh seafood, as “rakı&fish” is such a romantic couple like burger&chips for us.

5- Turkish local boutique wine

If you like to chase local boutique wines, most of the chef restaurants and wineries have small producers’ products. Highly recommended. 6- Walk on the Bosphorus Shores

Doesn’t matter European or Asian side but walking by Bosphorus with warm chestnut or tea in hand is one of the loveliest things to do. Bebek, Arnavutkoy, Yenikoy shores on European side and Beylerbeyi, Kanlıca, Moda shores on Asian Side are highly recommended. 7- Tea at Salacak across Maiden’s Tower

A lovely bay, also took a place in the “Murder on the Orient Express” movie from 74’, is offering an amazing view to the travelers. Have your simit and tea on the Asian side and enjoy the view of Maiden’s Tower with Europe in the background. 8- Stroll down from Grand Bazaar to Egyptian Bazaar

If you don’t mind the crowd this would be an experience to get lost on the down from Grand Bazaar to Spice Market (Egyptian Bazaar). The streets will welcome you and pull you to their stores, even this is fun to see. 9- Visit real historical confectioneries

Altan Sekerleme, Üç Yıldız, Cafer Erol are the loveliest ones. Leaving Istanbul without visiting the most important confectioneries is such a loss… 10- Feed seagulls while crossing Europe to Asia on boat

If you book a Bosphorus Tour or if you are travelling from one continent to the other you will see seagull chasing you. They love food! Do not hesitate to feed them with some snacks or pretzels. Watch your hand too! If you ever do any of them, do not forget to tag us on your pictures on social media. Looking forward to see them soon. Cheers S.

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