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"Article published at online magazine of Association of History, Culture and Tourism Guides , written by Sanem Yucesoy, translated for FFmag." How can two independent topics come together?

I believe that we can bring together these two topics, food and fashion, just like similarity of nature with peace and flower with love in literature. The meal served to us on an empty stomach can be the answer as a appetite suppressant. Yet, what if you suddenly realize that the meal is planned not only to satisfy us but also satisfy our eyes? What we call fashion, literally, is the term for the application of clothing, accessories, furniture and even behavior in popular style. Food, on the other hand, is defined as the necessary action for living things to survive. At this point, we should consider how much we include two issues in our lives and we allow ourselves. Whenever I put two different flavors together and it makes me happy, I think of that sweet scene of Remy in the movie Ratatouille.

In this sweet animation movie, Remy opens up his mind and lets his senses appeal to what he eats, among a group focused exclusively on consumption. In a world that changes and develops, if we do not produce and do not like production, we cannot be more than a living who only digests the consumption. Therefore, as soon as creativity touches food, even you call it fashion or art, or just say “I ate it, that’s it…”, the result will always be satisfaction. Fashion is not an understanding that is already well-formed and restricted. Because this is against the nature of fashion! First of all, the absolute and unchangeable rule; Considering the discipline of "aesthetics is relative", we should say that you have the freedom to not like the product that most people see aesthetically pleasing. Its Effects on Society and The Way they are Affected

What (and how) similar ways food and fashion affect the society are discussed. One thing they have in common is how they utilize technology. Compared to the technological element that we use the most in our daily life which is social media channels, we are talking about production here. Those who determine the clothing criteria that intend to cover up economic problems, use neoprene and scuba fabric in accessible design daily wear or using nitrogen in food and beverage presentation to keep it cooler. Can it be photographed?

Speaking of social media, the toasts on the plates are not just “Toast. Take, eat! ” now. Should be appealing to the eye, and needs to prepared interestingly. The satisfaction created by the bursting of the egg such as "poached egg avocado toast" or "Hazerleme" by the precious Chef Hazer Amani, which we gladly accept into our lives, already bringing us a little closer for feeling full. We are really having a pleasure by taking the video before we eat the meal and joining this trend. For example, if there are bowls with different vegetables on the menu, the Chicken Caesar Salad goes old-fashioned in preference. Yes, congratulations now you are #iger too. If Food Art Meets Designers

There is a way of thinking that I love and approve of: sometimes just eating is not enough, it has to dominate the senses. However, a perfect fictionalized "food art" does not show itself on a random plate. A designer plate makes the dish look more beautiful than any white porcelain. Let's go back to the past, the Ottoman Palace of 19th century coffee cups are designed with patterns and colors inspired by Europe, in the thickness of a "butterfly wing" in order to fully enjoy the taste of coffee. Imagine that coffee for a moment, wouldn't it make you happy too? From the past to the present, from the coppersmith who took advantage of what he had left to produce, to his designer who produced stone plates to create a Byzantine mosaic design in his tiny workshop, or whatever happens is becoming popular and demanded with our aesthetic perception. Can we accept the same thing with a pair of sneakers worn under loose-fitting fabric trousers? Yes now. Because why not? Art… Aesthetics… Design…. Cost

Of course, quality is playing a common role in fashion and food industry at different levels. Quality food and quality clothing increases costs means this situation touches our pockets. Most importantly, in this process where everything is produced and consumed quickly, the cost of the labor spent on clothing and food and the factors that play a role in the production process increases the label price. It would not be right for anyone to say what we should consume and at what level, but in the process of global financial problems, while restricting ourselves in every sense, easy-to-own products may be pleasing to the eye, but in the long run, both new and more will be needed. Perhaps we ask ourselves "what is the cost / value?" while buying the product. If you argue that the two sectors, which still meet with dozens of qualities today, should stay independent, you can find many businessmen and leading names of the sectors who will not agree with you. When clothing companies added a "home" section to their stores in order to increase their sales, they found it appropriate in terms of "unity", not competition. Some development entrepreneurs and well-established family companies continued their businesses in separate categories.

Ralph Lauren's "The Polo Bar" or "Ralph's Coffee" in New York was not only intended to appeal to those who love to eat and drink, but also a marketing strategy. While Vakko clothing opened stores such as V2K Designers, it aimed to spread with Vakko Pattiserie and cafes. Instead of simply growing the segment of customers whose interests, age and economic strengths intersected, they made excellent progress to attract the attention of the non-target group of buyers. After all, as it is said, the attraction to a “Birkin” bag coincides with the love for organic tomatoes.

It might not matter if anyone had said it, but when Caroline Issa, executive fashion writer for "Tank" magazine, says that her obsession with beauty and craftsmanship in fashion is like an obsession with great food, this should be underlined. This obsession can be like admiring the unusual situation of a "Balenciaga" ruffle running through the asphalt streets. It may be tiring to digest the fashion and food and beverage sectors, which represent trends, seasons and excitement over time, to catch their trends and to include them in our lives; However, if you make it an enjoyable game and an updateable information, it will open new doors that will gain a very different dimension.

What is interesting is that the issues that we sometimes see lightly, that we say "It is not even my conversation point" and that we squint at when mentioned, have penetrated every aspect of our lives.

It is fascinating that history, sociocultural structures of people, stories, past and future gain more meaning under the roof of food and fashion, isn't it?

Let's talk about these issues in the next issues. Until then, take care of yourself with health and beauty.

Sanem Yucesoy

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