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As a tiny beginning of our conversation let me to start with the description of “gastronomy”. According to Turkish Language Association, Gastronomy is a food system, nice and tasty kitchen which designed well and proper for health. When we are mentioning “system”, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and Britannica calls gastronomy as an “art”. Art doesn’t only mean taking a capture of it but also a whole process of picking the right food, right preperation, serving in a right way and enjoying the taste.

A very first time in 4th century BC “gastronomy” word used by Archestratus – a Sicilian base

d Greek poet in one of his books. In Greek, Gastros referred “stomach” and gnomos was meaning “knowledge”. (His Hedypatheia (Life of Luxury) poems is accepted as the first cookbook of the world.)

Obviously we can talk about many more names who had researches on gastronomy however, Brillat-Savarin(18thc.) mentions about gastronomy quite clearly. - Gastronomy, is a science which aims to protect human by nourishment in the most appropriate way. Yay!

So here we can consider gastronomy is not only referring to the economy with the producers, markets, buyers and consumers, but also it causes a feeling such as joy, taste, satisfaction. So these subtitles would be placed when we are talking about the system; - Social - Cultural - Psychologic

I truly love what Sureyya Faroqhi is writing. Faroqhi mentions about the food is related to consumption and the story goes all the way back to the times when fire has invented! The true milestone of the history, “fire” led the way of eating habits to be changed. Cooking helped people to digest the food and unexpectedly gave a chance to classify the tastes!

Many more years, cooking took an important part of the feasts in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome… It took a part as a prestigious status of hosts who are organizing the meetings.

Since Middle Ages, we are able to chase the cultural and social systems of civilizations by following their eating habits. Savarin and Gillespie mention about the gastronomy is locally affected by the food according to the region. However starting from 19th century, increase of population and restaurant industries caused a big hole in market such as providing food and beverages! Professors are spotting 5 main negative reasons for that. 1- Being ignorant to the sustainable agriculture 2- Being addicted to the specific herbs which ones are getting rare 3- Forgetting the cooking traditions and customs, specifically new generations 4- Obesity with over-Food consumption, especially in developed countries 5- Decreasing number of the sensorial properties of food

Due to these reasons we are not really hopeless for future, as there are amazing communities and new-era chefs are specifically working on “modern gastronomy”. They do not only help by cooking the most delicious food but also enlarge their field with following up the growing and producing process to support the sustainable farming.

Producing process, economic policy on food, providing and stocking, cooking and preparation, eating and customs, chemicals of food and digestion would be the main underlined titles of gastronomy. Sanem Yucesoy

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