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How Did 12 Bottles of Kosher Wine Ended up at a Turkish Home

Life is not back to normal but now we have a new normal. I had tons of plans for the summer of 2020, all canceled. I had a plane ticket to Turkey in late May, canceled. I had a list of reservations for vineyards and restaurants to try in Northern Aegean, all canceled. After the lockdown came to an end in Germany, I got back to work and started meeting with friends. We had angst about going to cafes or restaurants, therefore we had picnics in the beautiful parks, on the riverbank and in the forest. Then we started having dinner parties with my best friend. We had a beautiful night at her penthouse terrace. I assure you lots of bottles were down that night :) When it was my turn, I wanted to prepare a Aegean dinner with marinated Seabream, filled artichoke hearts, carrot tarator, sarma, roasted eggplant salad (gömme) and I wanted to pair my delicious menu with tasty Turkish wines. I do not want to speak its name but I got so excited when I found out that I could order Turkish Wine in Germany on the most famous online shopping site. I made my list and ordered the wines and I wanted them to be delivered to the Cafe that I work at, just to be sure that they're delivered . A day before our dinner party my boss called me and told that my wine box was delivered and she made a joke! about how big the box was. - There were two weird things; first, the joke was funny! Because the German jokes should not have to be funny! - And second, the box was too big for 4 bottles. When she kindly brought my box to my apartment, I was puzzled because there were 12 bottles in the box instead of 4 bottles. They were neither white nor Turkish wine but semi sweet red Kosher Wine! I had no idea what to do with them because I do not like sweet wine and I decided to give them away to friends and neighbours. My next door neighbour who is a brilliant young woman told me that I could bake Red Wine Cake with them and it sounded great to me. Next morning I was in the kitchen and baking the Red Wine Cake. I can not describe how tasty it is! All of my friends are fed up with the Red Wine Cake but I still have a couple bottles more :) You can find the recipe of this delicacy below.

Red Wine Cake

4 Eggs (Size M) 200 g Sugar 1 Package vanilla sugar 200 g Butter (at room temperature) 2 Tablespoon Baking Cocoa 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon 250 gr Flour 155 ml Red Wine 1 Package baking powder 150 g Chocolate (finely chopped) 200 g Powdered sugar

Beat the eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar with a mixer until it is frothy then add the butter and keep beating until you have a homogeneous mixture. After that add cocoa, cinnamon, flour, 125 ml Red Wine and baking powder and mix in slowly with a spatula. When you have a nice cake dough add the chopped chocolate and mix roughly. Bake in a loaf pan at 180 °C for 40-50 minutes.

For the cake glaze mix 3 tablespoon red wine with 200 gr powdered sugar and decorate your delicious cake with this pink glaze. Gizem Aka Kıyar

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