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Manage Your Quarantine Days

Hi everyone! I'm writing this is my 16th day of quarentine. And honestly i realized everyone's biggest problem of boredom! However i just can not get the idea of this ,'cuz i feel like i started to refresh myself just right now! I cannot really find enough time to do everything what i want to! I did make a list of using my time wisely, last 2 days it's going so fine! And i'm ready for the next quarentine days! So i decided to make an article for you with a lil list of the stuff what we should consider in our lives. And, sure i'm considering that you already cleaned and tidied every single thing at home, got rid of your expired stuff, you redesigned your flat for your taste, and now you are laying on the couch and checking this blog. Hope it will be helpful and easy to adapt.

1- Recognize Your Own Character First In such a rush lives of us, we sometimes lose the control on the way our target, or forget who we are. I questioned myself last 2 weeks - doesn't have to take that much time - and after realizing the stuff that i need to fix i started my list on them. 2- YouTube Vloggers As a Multitasking person, i love cooking and watching my fav show at the same time, or doing my macrame work while watching movie etc... I do not think personal coaches are really effective but i found some of them telling freaking truth. So i started to browse the best ones, kinda "lifestyle vloggers or bloggers" and i started to listen up them carefully. I couldn't believe that, when i found my influencers, i started to say "Yes girl!" when they are talking. And i reshaped my future plan according to my targets. 3- Fasting! Stop eating everyone! That is the worst thing you can do to yourselves. Your system is not working as fast as a normal day when you are in quarentine. You don't even walk to your bus station or car anymore. Not even telling about your cardio programme at gym. So whatever you eat will be digested quite slowly. Diet is not an answer and it makes us to eat more, so lets make it fasting, like you can eat everything but only if you really d-e-s-i-r-e it! This will that lead us to Number 4!

4- Fitness - Dance - Fun - Cardio Fitness is the most boring thing ever to me! But we need to keep ourselves active. My followers on ig know that i do dance a lot. So what i do is, playing an energetic song and start dancing. Ok well, i know some moves, so i can train myself like i give warm up at dance class but there is a link for you, even if you don't know how to dance you can also just jump. But still dance without streching or fitness will not completely keep you in shape. So my bestie Gizem -she is in Germany- suggested this awesome lady. Here comes the link below; Pamela Reif rocks!

5- Find a Hobby or Two It's easy to say. 'cuz hobby means the things make you happy and renewed you spend money on it and not expect anything besides happiness. And if it's outdoor sport for you, ugh, it will be tough. So lets find a new one you can do at home, but it should never come to its end easily. Hobbies such as cooking - sshh, cooking men are gorge! tough computer games, making macrame wall hangings - so hygee and you can order ropes online , learning a new language, video or photo editing, or learn dancing through dance tutorials... Be creative and seriously focus on your aim. In this list i do 4 of them and i cannot find time to get bored!

6- Adopt! The best move ever in my life i'e ever done is 14 days ago i adopted a cat as a dog person! I knew i wont be able to walk the dog out, so i said this is a perfect and perfect time to save a life! This lovely princess became everything of my life in couple days! The only problem is as Leo person, we cannot set our times for playing. And both of us have cat habits... But still she wins! 7- Meet with Friends Online on Concept! Having a video chat is not really fulfilling our anxiety problems. So i found that great idea for my social circle. We decide about the concept, such as a chic restaurant or a "meyhane" raki mood, or a lounge party style, and according to our concept we dress up nicely, make our hairs and put make up on, we are setting our room and lights and start video chat. By this way, you can also make your own cocktail for your meeting. You can get 8 people on House Party app but if you have a big group of friends go with Skype, my fav. Oh don't forget , one of you guys needs to be dj. 8- Do Never Feel Down! Yes, doing all these stuff same every single day it will be quite boring at the end. Talking with same people, looking at same walls, etc... I realized our nerves are getting weak and we are getting tired of focusing on ourselves too. So, we sometimes reflect it to our social circle, our family or even to ourselves. Just get rid of these ideas! Do never let yourselves be down! If you are bored!? Normal! Just skip it, head to the next thing! Bored of talking to your best friend? Skip her/him! Omg! Yes, If this person is your bestie, she/he will understand! 'cuz the best friends are the ones who respect your personal spaces, who understand if you need back ups. If you are bored with the new thing, you can get back to the previous hobby again. Just don't ruin your own fresh day! You haven't been that much boss of your own life before!

9- Less Social Media! If it's not a part of your job, yes, social media is great to spend time. OMG, including my friends over 30's even downloaded Tiktok! - I still regret it :D besides some of my dancer friends are hitting the application, being honest! But please, leave your phones on table and if you really need to follow up something such as online gym class etc, just be sure you are at least a meter away from this mobile. You 'll be visiually imparied at the end of this, everyone... Bonus: Sell Your Not Used Items Online! So i couldn't add this to the Number 10, 'cuz we all not able to head post office but you can download a second hand clothing app - which idea will be completely contrary to my suggestion of number 9 but optionally, redesign your own style and library! It's great idea to refresh yourselves to sell your old stuff and, if you are interested, buy new ones. But be sure you are selling them more than purchasing for new ones :D and if you really need to purchase and if you are a shopaholic just like me, add the item to your favs and wait until tomorrow if you still love it and need it! Ps. Last words; Getting back to the previous thing we mentioned, billions of thanks to my best friends, i'm the luckiest human in the world cuz i have you! Thank you so much for backing me up these tough days. Love you all everyone and please, please #stayhome #staysafe #behealthy Sanem Yucesoy

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