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During my tours, this is a question absolutely asked by my guests. “Can I wear mini dress?”, “Is it ok to be dressed for night out?”, “Heels fine?”, etc…

With the wrong reputation by non-locals, borders of delimitation in Turkey are expressed very sharp. However, we cannot use certain patterns to describe this country with a population of 70-80 million and different cultures from east to west. Therefore, Istanbul as a melting pot can only answer your questions when you visit. Istanbul or a any other city, doesn't matter, we wanted this mini article to answer the question of how you can be both elegant and comfortable during your travels in cosmopolitan cities. And if you read this and follow the tips, do not forget to tag us on your travel posts. Lets roll… WHITE SNEAKERS/OUTFITS My biggest problem that my beloved white shoes can never remain in rush! If you are a white sneakers lover, it’s always important to know how to protect your shoes. In, at least one of the districts visited, the ground, asphalt, pavement works are either not fully finished or in need of renovation due to the crowd. Water filled into uneven pavements could splash or someone might step on your feet on the tram… If you are incorrigible white shoe lover like me the choice is up to you. It’s the same way for white outfit.

PICK YOUR COLOR This can be considered our typical feature to wear dark, grey, beige tones, but I can see this has been changing lately with the high fashion is not really high enough! Due to the economy or demands change with the generations, the basic is the new best and the basic idea is to wear for yourself! So pick your fav color and feel confident. We, Turks, love confident people in nice outfits. Lil tip: Turquoise or fuchsia stands out in Turkey. Tip 2: Basic doesn’t mean simple. Simple doesn’t mean cheapjack. You can be unique. Click Here We have a lovely article for you to read about meanings of colors in Turkish Culture.

SCARF/SHAWL During your walk in city, you can never know if you would like to visit a mosque or not, you cannot be sure it’s not gonna be windy. Scarf or a shawl is not only a complementary accessory of your outfit but also a savior sometimes. Go with silk in any case. Apart from the lovely feeling it gives, it adapts to all conditions, and it is the quality fabric we are sure of. TYPICAL TOURIST LOOK NO HIKING / RUNNING OUTFITS or SLIM HEELS / SLEEPERS IN CITY PLEASE

There is an obvious “tourist look” shouts out loud “I’m a traveler!”, and it’s totally hiking outfits in city. Even you are in coast, if we are not going to hike we love to dress up. Ok, Colombia or The North Face (etc.) is so high quality and comfortable but it’s kinda you don’t have anything else to wear to have a walk in colorful backstreets, just like you didn’t have a space in luggage and had to get one pair of shoe, and you picked this one. Respect to the hikers, but you can also create a space for a smart casual outfit for a night out at least. Ps. My male guests from Cali, generally prefer wearing chic, nice hats but our grandfathers used to wear grandpa berets and that’s it. Ps. If you are addicted to gym tights or sweatpants, you are lucky, thanks to the apps like tiktok. New fashion is matching unmatching pieces. You can combine your sweatpants with a good bootie maybe… And no one would judge you.

SWIMSUIT You can never know how swimsuits can save your simple day. Just so spontaneously you can decide visiting hammam and instead of wearing underwear offered at reception, you can wear your own. When I was reading articles about the same subject, I’ve even seen people suggesting to bring toilet papers for public bathroom? Seriously? Are you living back in 80’s or what kind of places you’ve been visiting? I’m pretty sure most of us already know how to pack but here is a quick additional list for you to consider to bring while traveling. Cheers ia.

- Adapter for Turkey - Sucscreen (if necessary) - Proper dress for daily touristic areas (such as mosques require outfit below knees and coving shoulders) - Night out outfit (smart casual – sport chic always works) - Hat (if necessary) - Comfy sneakers or boots - Swimsuit (at least for hammam) - Shawl or scarf for ladies - Jeans & basic t-shirts work - Jewelry (to decorate your daily look) - A light jacket - Personal items & hygiene kits Always wear in layer for every weather condition.

UNSPOKENS [What’s being overdressed for a Turkish person?] - Wearing heels in touristic quarters (especially while visiting antique cities): If you are not on shooting, just have a second look at your wardrobe. - Too racy look: Doesn’t matter where you are, if you are not heading to beach, mini shorts combined with mini sleeveless crop top is a big no! - Go modest to be courteous: Visiting a village or grandparents house, it’s a common unspoken rule to be kind to elderly people. - Dinner Dress-code: Smart Casual [95%]. If you plan a dinner at a restaurant/club, and if tuxedo is the dress code, this gets remained 5%.

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