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Sectoral Meaning of Culinary Tourism

Right at the beginning i need to inform you about this entry will be more focused on the meaning of culinary tourism sector.

Honestly with all history and cultural richness of our Turkish cuisine we have been quite late to dive into the culinary travel. Especially since 2015 Turkey had a great step up in this sector and including small business owners, even state decided to spare some from national treasury in gastronomy for its development. However even today one fifth of treasury is to be spent for gastronomy, the sector ramified a lot which causes this not to be focused on one specific subject to be promoted... well, which can be a bit understandable as there are more than one to be promoted and everyone talks, everyone does, everyone moves... but in their own way and this ruins the plan. The plan for everyone is basic: Promote, spread and develop the Turkish Culinary Wonders! When you are walking into the market, your eyes are looking for a great Greek yogurt (don't want to mention the brand's name) the most well known one. But you don't know that the owner is actually Turkish and from a city called Erzincan. Is there something wrong with that?

No! 'cuz if you call yourself an entrepreneur, and if a specific title sells better, and if you wish you have all rights to call it however you like; a Greek yogurt or a "süzme". No, this is not the keep up with the jonasas. This is an actual way of promoting what the cultures own. The main idea of being a gastronomy tourism worker is to not to be a person draws limits for food! Food doesn't have home, doesn't have country, nationality, or a color! Food is the gate for a imaginational world with no borders! We can never think that the quality of saffron in Iran is better than India... We can never be sure that olives in Italy are more delicious than Greece... We can never insist on a Urfa kebap is more spicy than Adana Kebap... Or should we pick the beer in Norway or Scotland? Main question is what we are doing for our culinary culture. So here the subject follow 2 underlined titles; culinary travelers and products to reach. Basicly Culinary Travel is a very specific lifestyle kind of travel and Culinary Travelers spend more. According to the Basque Culinary Center's speeches and the researches in 2017, we are talking about 32 billion dolar mass of gastronomy turism industry, globally. Here we are not only talking about the restaurants or pubs or etc... we are talking about a lifestyle travel experience.

As food and beverages are the main targets at destinations, the culinary traveler plans the trip with considering the actual expenses in advance. And if you spend your travel budget, your time and your effort on food and drinks when you are travelling more than you do at home, you can truly call yourself a culinary traveler! Sanem Yucesoy

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