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Short Stories of Distillated Spirits

As not a big fan of a mixed food and drinks such as crazy looking cocktails just wanted to share you what i do really love simply. "Plain" in food and beverage is classy to me. Therefore i always love to go deep in the history of what i bring home.

Here i wanted to share the little list of some distillate drinks with you below.

Enjoy y'all.

Amer Picon Distilled from orange tree bark, firstly in 1837 by Gaetano Picon. Today, this drink is a trendy aperativo or digestive. Armagnac An oldest brandy by French grapes. It has been distilled in Gasconia last 500 years. It needs to be aged in barrels made out of Monlezun Forest oak trees. The ones bottled to be sold are at least 3 years old. Benedictine It’s firstly found in 1610 by Benedictine Monks in France. It’s a liqueur distilled by the mixture of varieties of herbs. It’s been kept as a secret how to produce it by the monks however we only know that it takes a long time to be aged. Calvados An apple brandy from Calvados district of France. Whole aging procedure is very important with covering the type of the soil where apples grow, strategies of distillery and the period which takes 2-6 years. It’s a very preferred digestive. Curacao Counted in the category of sweet liqueurs. Takes its aroma through the flowers of Curacao island. It has varieties of blue, red, yellow, orange and green. Mostly accepted as a cocktail drink. Gin Firstly produced in Holland in 17th century. Franciscus de la Boe from Leiden University produced the drink called “gin” by mixing alcohol and blackberry extract and distilling it. Even Holland found it, we know England made it famous. The ways of producing has been changed a lot in centuries. Orange or lemon flavored ones are quite popular these days. Gordon and Beefeater are the most well-known ones. Galliano In the morning of December 8, 1895, Italian troops under the command of Giuseppe Galliano were destroyed near the city of Makalle. The battle did not last long, as these troops, which were responsible for protecting the castle named Enda Jesus, were surrounded by 80thousand soldiers. Galliano who died in this battle is accepted as national hero in Italy. Arturo Vaccari, the drink manufacturer, named his new product Galliano. This drink consisting of approximately 80 additives such as herbs, flowers, roots and blackberries grown in the Alps is a lovely memory of Galliano and it’s a secret of the formula of the producing procedure. Kirsch The German brandy. Distilled in Switzerland and Austria. Cherries should be small, dark and juicy. Dark forest district of Germany is a great spot to find perfect cherries for kirsch. Cognac Firstly produced in Charente region of France in 16th century. This district is separated to 7 with considering produce of wine: Bon Bois, Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fin Bois, Bois Ordinaires, Bois Communs. Different brandies made out of wine are happen to be aged in barrels of Limousin forests. Made from the wines of 7 regions, these brandies are mixed by experts and brandy is produced. It has its own aroma, taste and amber color. That is why it is said that "Every cognac is a brandy, but not every brandy is a brandy." Armagnac and Calvados from France, Grappa from Italy, Pedro Domecq from Spain, Pisco from Peru, Metaxa from Greece, Kirsch from Germany and Austria and Kanyak from Turkey are brandies “not” classified as cognac. Rum Made out of sugar cane. Sugar canes were brought to the Caribbean islands by Spanish sailors in the 16th century which made rum the most popular drink of the island a century later. Divided to 3 as white, black and gold. The most famous one Bacardi produced in Cuba, Porto Rico, Nassau. Tequila The national drink of Mexico is obtained from the extract of the agave plant. After the fermentation and distillation processes, we have a drink with an alcohol degree of 40-45. Whisky (Scotch) It's firstly mentioned in 1494 in sources but researchers mention about whisky older than that. Whisky industry gets bigger in 19th century in Scotland. A special distillation, mixing and aging method improved in 1860s made the drink extremely famous. Today there are roughly 100 distillery and different brands of whisky. Mostly known ones are Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker, J.B., Jim Beam, Whyte and Mackay, White Horse… Vodka Unique Russian drink produced the first time in the period of Tsar Petro. Today, Russia, Poland and Finland are producing the best quality of vodka. The mostly known lemon infused vodka is Limonnaya, apple infused is Starka, pepper infused is Pertsovka. Plain ones are including alcohol level of 40degree and aromatic ones are reaching to 45 degree. Sanem Yucesoy

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