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Spot Authentic Bags [Chanel / Hermes / Louis Vuitton]

Hello everyone. It's not a secret that there are many of travelers are willing to purchase for a "genuine" fake high end products in Turkey and regrettably almost half of the celebrities do wear fake.

Therefore, even on Youtube or Instagram, there are millions of unboxing and authenticity videos of high end bags we watch, we wanted to share you a tiny little list for you to spot the authentic/fake bags for Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. Please remember that, selling fake carries huge risks with many legal obligations.

CHANEL 1- Classics always have 2 kinds of leather type: lamb or calf leather. 2- Lamb leather is soft and flawlessly smooth and calf leather is strong, has a rough surface and more durable. 3- Chain should be hard, heavy and strong. And the leather passing through the chain should be the same leather of bag itself. 4- There are 2 kinds of classic Chanel bags. a- 2.55 designed by Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel : has square lock, to be safe and easy at the same time. Has two sections. b- 11.12 designed by Karl Lagerfeld, added CC lock. 5- All classic bags has a partition with a zip inside of the cover when you are opening. The pocket part is designed upwards. This has a story: during world war II, Chanel wanted ladies to hide the letters received by their lovers in this pocket. Because once you open the zip, everyone looks below, no one checks it upwards. 6- Logo has to be flawless! Letters are in the same color of the accessories. 7- Classics have little pocket part in the back also. 8- Stiches are made by hand, due to this they have to be thick and clearly seen. And flawlessly follow each other. 9- Chain has two options to use. Longer single or shorter double. 10- Big Shopping bag models don’t have zip or is not to be closed at top. They also have zipped section inside. 11- Classic bags has dark claret red inner. And this never changes. 12- They all have card of authenticity.


1- Handmade Hermes Bags hand stitched, sew lines are flawless.

2- Shape of the bag must be clear while standing with no slouching. Some fake ones have rounded handles. In case of incorrect storage conditions handles bend, but while holding you can tell if its authentic or not.

3- The hardware is genuine metal like real palladium or plated gold. Never fades! Feel the weight of the lock, keys, studs and other pieces. Never gives a cheap feeling.

4- Toggles should smoothly turn when you twist. Fake bags’ toggles stiff or feel grainy when turning.

5- Hermes zippers have Hermes feature. Zip pull should not flop down. Should remain parallel to zipper. It also created to lock the zipper.

6- Many Birkin and Kelly bags are lined with chevre leather. A goatskin leather is grained and not smooth.

7- Stitching of interior part should be neat and proper.

8- Logo is “Hermes Paris Made in France” Logo is delicate and has a neat font not affected by the texture of leather. (this is the most important to understand fake bags)

9- Hermes do not issue an authenticity card.

10 -Dust bags always light beige or orange with dark brown Hermes logo.

LOUIS VUITTON 1- Classic bags made by canvas

2- L is under V is top

3- Line starts with LV and then star then circle

4- Zip is smoothly opening

5- Inner of classics cover with light canvas detail

6- Right in the bag once you open, code can be found (not as a sticker)

7- Bag handle’s ending is dark claret red not red!

8- Accessories are golden yellow, not reddish. Brightness is like real gold.

9- Number of stiches is -always- 5.

10- If it starts with LV ends with LV, if it stars with star ends with star.

This is it for now. If you would like to book our Shop & Bite or Fashion and Designers' Boutiques Tours click here to get in touch with us. See you soon. Sanem Yücesoy

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