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Tell me your drink and I'll tell who you are

Having a friend like Hakan Balta is kinda living with a privilege. My dear childhood friend, today Jim Beam brand ambassador of Turkey, Hakan wrote an article about drinks matching with the character of the customer. His article published on German Bar Convention magazines and thankfully he shared the article with us too. I personally loved and really enjoyed reading it. Have fun;) "When we were full-time bartenders with my friends we used to have a game. We would bet on the drinks the incoming guests would order. This was the beginning of the specialization in character analysis by drink for us.

Today in Turkey, it’s easy to access all kinds of drinks. With each passing day, It’s increasing with a developed vision, such as whisky bars where you can reach any brand, pubs those even make their own beer, wine houses that also produce wine at their own vineyards, and even restaurants and cocktail bars those produce cocktails by creating their own syrups and bitters with the inspiration of local flavors of country which can appeal to local taste. So I have prepared this article for you based on my past experiences. Let's see which character orders which drink?

Let's start with beer…

Those who drink BEER are playful and social people. They love the crowd and mostly are insusceptible. They are usually cheerful and humorous. In their lives, they hate facing and dealing with difficulties. In fact, when these difficulties happen, they try to ignore and escape from them as much as possible. But these troubles always lie in the deep. If you are a beer lover, face these troubles as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may suddenly appear and have worse consequences. WINE lovers have a romantic spirit. They have an elegant, fragile and thoughtful nature. As you get to know the people who prefer wine, you understand. Although it is generally a drink preferred by women, men who drink wine understand the female spirit very well. Their empathy skills are developed and they like dim environments. Also, the wine has a harsh taste with its tannins, so are these people. Although they look beautiful, they are heavyhearted. Because they go deep in details and are elaborate, they are generally either rich or aim to be rich; as they know the best. They know how to enjoy life but they feel comfortable only when they are in an elite environment.

Whisky drinkers; Oh, here are real workaholics. Generally, whole life of these people focused on business. They mostly have difficult and stressful jobs. They are ambitious at their career and work is the most important thing to them and therefore they always feel tired. Even they look distanced from the outside, but in fact a great fire burns inside. They can be called extremely confident when it’s about their intelligence, charisma and personality. So if you are with such a person, you should be ready to be secondary.

Vodka lovers, are ready to drink and dance. In fact, they have a pessimistic nature, but they feel that they are away from their troubles for a moment when they drink and dance. However, there are two types of vodka drinkers. Some of them are not obsessed with brands; those who get drunk quite fast after mixing it with cola, cherry juice or energy drink; The other ones are can be called good drinkers who drink vodka straight. In both cases, after drinking the last double shot at the end of the night; the motto appears in mind "There is no ugly men/women, there is less vodka", and they think of sex. They have few friends with whom they regularly drink and spend most of their time with them. Usually after they start drinking, they continue until they lose consciousness, and the next day, the headache is inevitable. Their work and love life is mostly monotonous and they don't generally have expectations.

Tequila drinkers are people with a lot of friends and they like to live in the moment. They try to get the most out of life. They don't like to carry life's troubles too much. If they have a problem, they like to knock two shots of Tequila and they recover quickly. Everyone should have a Tequila lover around. Because the more you see them, the more you start enjoying life. Gin lovers; They are flirtatious people. They like to tour bar to bar with their charismatic friends. At the end of the night, all they want is to be drunk and naked. Their skills of humorousness are highly developed. They perfectly flow with the current trends of life and they often have healthy snacks or salads and pay attention to their weight and health. Rakı drinkers; In Turkish culture and Turkish tables, rakı lovers are people who prioritize customs and culture and they can be called people of emotions, not logic. These people who are fond of their tastes also have certain rules about drinking raki, such as how to behave, talk or drink at the rakı table. So they have definite ideas and quite clear in their lives. Just as they do not sit at every rakı table, they do not drink rakı with everyone. They are people devoted to their history and values, due to this they can be called fixed-minded.

Cocktail drinkers; They are colorful, funny and innovative people. They have high vision, totally enjoy trying new things and they don’t afraid at all. Even in situations where the majority say “impossible”, their motto is "I haven't done it before, but I'll try." For this reason, they are generally successful in hard jobs, long shots. For cocktail lovers, we can say that they are people who have aesthetic concerns and they value beauty, and they generally prefer to dress in vibrant and colorful tones. Whether you are a whiskey, wine or vodka consumer, what matters is your precious taste and your very own lifestyle. Remember that, since everyone's life and culture are different from each other, nobody can judge you according to the drink or your taste you pick. Just simply keep going and enjoy drinking what, how, where and with whom you like. ;)


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