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The Top Street Food Spots in Istanbul

You know, street food is true face of a city. The food that the people eat and quickly consume in their hectic life gives a lot of information about their history, political and economic conditions. Let's talk about where to try while exploring them. You already know most of them, but it means they haven't upset us for years. :)

- Sabirtasi İcli Kofte (Stuffed Meatball stall) – Beyoglu Ali Bey, who sold everything and settled in Istanbul from Kastamonu, comes with his wife and children and establishes a new life. Here he will do what he knows he does best; stuffed meatballs! "İçli Köfte", one of Kastamonu's delicacies, starts to be sold on the streets and Hilton Hotels are the first to discover Ali Bey. This small stand sends these stuffed meatballs to Radisson Blu hotels and Four Seasons over time. Now you can find these delicious stuffed meatballs made by Mr. Mustafa and his wife on Istiklal Street. Don't forget to ask for a lemon slice and squeeze it on. Mhhh we love this lemony sour taste.

- Kral Kokorec (Intestine Sandwiches) – Eminonu Have you met "Hasan Abi"? The most cheerful and hospitable intestine sandwich seller in the city. Although it may sound strange, kokorec is a real hangover dish that we consume during the day. Thoroughly cleaned intestines become cheerful with spices, and oils dripping on the coal fire emit a delicious scent. When ordering, you can order half a loaf of bread, a round "tombik" bread, or a quarter if you are a starter. Sirkeci spot is our fav.

- Izmir Isi Stuffed Mussels (Karakoy) We are here with the stuffed mussels, which are sold in stands on every street corner, with the recipes of Armenians living in Istanbul, which have become deeply ingrained in our culture over the centuries. Izmir, on the other hand, is a city on our western coast where Greek families have been cooking delicious seafood dishes. This place called "İzmir isi" offers us this perfect harmony in the most delicious way. Get ready for a surprise because after you open your mussel, you will see that it is filled with rice. We squeeze lemon again and eat it in one shot. - Balik Durumcu Mehmet Usta (Fish wrap) – Karakoy Just a few years ago, we used to stand in line in front of the stand of Mehmet brother, who was selling "fish wraps", with his tiny stand in front of a ruins. 15 people would wait for their turn. Not 15 minutes! After 15 people, we were eating our delicious fish wraps with pomegranate syrup in front of the chairless stand. It was worth the time to stand and wait to eat. Now in its new location and if you have the patience, 15 people is an experience that deserves to wait. - Ecevitler Charcuterie – Kadikoy We are at the Fish Market in Kadıköy, where the city's most beautiful delicatessens are located. It will not be difficult to find this unique place among the stands and shops lined up one after the other. We recommend that you make a mixed plate of appetizers and experience the favorite table of the locals and the minority such as Armenians and Rums. - Sahin Usta Döner Kebap – Grand Bazaar How do we recognize the right doner kebab? In doner, 75 percent beef and 25 percent lamb and tail fat is used. When it loses its pinkness, it should be cut before it gets darker. Sahin Usta is a place where you can experience it in the most delicious way, but a little advice in case you get tired of waiting for noon, stop by before 12 o'clock. Don't forget to order ayran. - Kestane Kebap Stalls (Chestnut) Let's meet with kestane kebap that you will come across most on the streets. It may sound so ordinary and trivial, but chestnut is romance. Imagine you are walking on the road on a cold winter day. When you take your warm chestnuts kebabbed over the fire, your hands warm up. You can share and fill yourself if you missed the meal. You will love the feeling of local life. - Halka Tatlısı If you are lucky, another fast street flavor you will encounter on the streets. You can compare the “Halka Tatlisi” to churros or donuts. Also, this dessert has another name; Brothel dessert! According to our grandfathers, it got this name because it was a dessert sold in front of brothels. Today, we, street food lovers, have another love for this dessert. For another easy-to-eat version, you can try the "tulumba" dessert. - Mısır (Boiled or grilled corn) It may sound very ordinary, but who can say no to this delicious smell? You will probably come across it right next to the chestnut stands. Boiled or grilled corn takes us back to our childhood. You can buy a corn and cut it in half, but don't forget to salt the top. Then we do not forget to drink plenty of water for a good digestion and walk the city. -Durumzade Kebap – Beyoglu We can't pass Dürümzade, one of Beyoglu's most popular venues. Dürümzade kebabs, made even more famous by Anthony Bourdain, have never changed their taste, either yesterday or today. The delicious shish kebabs are scrumptious, but the most impressive delicacy here is the "lavas" bread. The lavash, which absorbs the fat of the meat, becomes crispy in a nice coal fire. You make wraps and eat them. Bon Appetit.

- Islak Hamburger Kızılkayalar – Beyoglu If you say categorize the Turks, some of us would say; Those who eat wet hamburger and those who do not! Count me out as those who don't eat me until they've had 2 bottles of beer! To envision a wet hamburger, you can think of it as a standard hamburger dipped in tomato sauce. You will smell a lot of garlic. So it will also be good for digesting beer - haha. Our recommendation is Kizilkayalar, located in Taksim square. I guess the wet burgers in the region can't keep their rates constant, but for decades, Kizilkayalar has never been disappointed with the same taste. - Sehzade Cag Kebap – Eminonu I could write endless articles about Cag Kebab. At first glance, it will look like a horizontal version of doner kebab, but it is definitely both healthier and tastier in terms of meat content! Different from doner kebab, the meat is cleaned of all nerves and placed as pure meat. Sehzade cag kebab shop has a simple and nice recipe for marinating beforehand, but you have to be friends with us to share it :D - Pide / Lahmacun at Forno – Balat If you happen to pass by Balat, it is one of only two or three places where you can trust its cuisine. Although Forno takes its name from Italian, its cuisine is quite local. It will fascinate you with its delicious, magnificent lahmacun and pides. You can also ask for the soup of the day. My advice is to try all kinds of flavors. - Kumpir – Ortakoy It would not be right for us to recommend a place in particular, but if a Turkish prefers Ortakoy for a weekend trip, the meal will definitely be kumpir. The butter and cheese melted in huge baked potatoes smells amazing. You add any food you choose from the counter to your kumpir. Finally, you can have ketchup or mayonnaise on top. Enjoy your huge kumpir that you can eat spoonful and share.

Don't be a tourist in the city. Experience the city and experience the realities. Listen to the stories of the tables. Book a tour with us at night and stroll through the streets with a local. Lets meet click here to learn. Until then, enjoy your stay there ;) Sanem.

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