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This "Mola" is so "Moda"

Recently The Newsletter Salom published a lovely article written by dear Kler Kampeas. We thought the subject is so matching with what we feel; and we wanted to share with you. Lets read the article from an insider in Istanbul. Enjoy. This “MOLA” is so “MODA”!

The sound similarity of the words "mola", which means “a break”, and "moda", which means social taste that is active for a certain period of time, is actually not the only common point.

In these pages; while we take a short “break” to our life that we run out of breath; we take our favorite things, aka the most “fashionable”, by our side. When June comes, we say “It’s summer now”… We walk more especially on the streets leading to the sea, cross our paths with nature a lot, want to be closer to blue and green, chase after a thousands of shades of yellow sunlight at sunsets, and in the transparency of the white reflection of the moon on our side, we almost feel ourselves in a dream. So, I say to this summer, 'Open your arms, warm us up, break us free, make us rest, but let us to have fun when the time comes...'... Whether we head to the summer house or take a breath in the streets of the city, let's take the shortest and most “fashionable” “break” suggestions in our pocket before we depart.. Mola (Break): If you think of Tarabya, Bebek, Suadiye when you think of the coast in Istanbul, I suggest you change your route from Besiktas to Karakoy on a pleasant summer day. After passing Dolmabahce, when you arrive at Kabatas district, which is identified with the ferry port, if you turn your head to the land side, you can say hello to the 'Setustu' district. Did you know that Kabatas Setustu is one of the oldest settlements? If you want to take a break in this district where you can walk to Cihangir with its bohemian spirit and exquisite view, I would like to suggest you a very special cafe for me, which can be called a hidden oasis. Cafe Setup is located in Setüstü on the ground floor of a 40-year-old reinforced concrete building. Setup is a place where you can catch a wonderful sunset with its friendly decoration and you will feel very good. Especially if you can find a place on the chairs on the pavement, you can enjoy a hot coffee or an iced lemonade on the set in front of you. If you say you will go at breakfast time, I definitely recommend you to taste the homemade granola bowl prepared with fresh fruit and buffalo yogurt. After your visit to Setup, where you will not realize how time passes, I invite you to explore the streets of Setustu by walking. Moda (Fashion):

If you are one of those who are confused about where to put our phones when you go out on the street, you are not alone. Especially if you are one of those who can't find the phone when it rings, I can give you the good news that phone straps are here to help. We can talk freely on the phone with the phone straps, which are ideal for keeping our smartphones with us and prevent us from forgetting and losing our phones when we hang them around our neck. If phones are now an extension of our lives, it is obvious that phone strap accessories will now be a part of our clothing. My suggestion for phone straps, which you can find in every color and thickness, is to get 2 colors for summer and winter and wear them in accordance with your matching clothes. I think it is priceless to enjoy the luxury of not dropping the phone while following the fashion. Let's go shopping... Moda (Fashion):

If you like to decorate your tables with fresh, colorful, fresh and various dishes when summer comes, you are in love with the initial letter 'appetizer'. When you are thinking of he meaning of meze* “appetizer” which means “good taste” in Farsi, let me share with you an Aegean Meze recipe that many of you may know... Izmirians like me know well. Here is an appetizer of zucchini, which is rich in potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron! Zucchini Appetizer with Yoghurt, aka Cretan Appetizer… Grate the zucchini you washed first without peeling them. Take strained yoghurt in a bowl, add salt, pepper, garlic powder, add the coarsely chopped walnuts and mix well. Put it in the refrigerator and serve cold at the table. Bon Appetit ! Aside from the delicious taste of the Cretan Meze, feta cheese, fried aubergines, whatever it is, should be eaten with a pleasant conversation at a pleasant table. On this page, I would like to quote a story that you can share with your friends at the appetizer table. “Every evening, Yahya Kemal had his waiters prepare the table so that nothing was missing, he did not even touch most of them. One day, Yahya Kemal called the waiter, noticed the lack of red radish and asked where is it? -'Sir, I paid attention every time I put it, you don't even touch your hand?' He said, 'I don't have to eat everything that is put on the table, some of them are foods for my eye!' I wish you pleasant moments where your eyes will be filled with appetizers and your tables with laughter! Moda (Fashion): MFO is one of the music groups that have been together for the longest time, not only in Turkey but also in the world, with their close partnership for 50 years. You can watch previously unpublished footage and exclusive interviews on Gain TV with the documentary 'Ele Gune Karsi'. I am sure that you will enjoy the MFO documentary, which is almost a music legend, with many special memories of Mazhar Alanson, Fuat Guner and Ozkan Ugur, from their concert footage, their discussions, their emotional moments to their backstage situations. You will enjoy this 5-part documentary, where we will witness the companionship of Mazhar, Fuat and Ozkan, the studio recordings of their most loved albums, and many memories that have not been published anywhere before. Because the documentary "Ele Gune Karsi" with MFO will also give you a musical feast. Mola (Break): On Father's Day, which will be celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of June, if you are looking for an original and really useful gift this year, I would like to give you a suggestion that will gain your father a hobby. It's summer, we spend more time in the gardens, I think there can be no more useful gift than the 'Garden Hand Tools Shovel Set' consisting of a pick, shovel and rake. Although it may sound simple, your father can do small planting and planting works in the garden thanks to this set. Moreover, by using this set together, you can have a pleasant time and multiply your father's joy! According to researches, it has been proven that taking care of the soil has many health and social benefits. With your father's gardening, his need for vitamin D is met, he gets exercise without realizing it, and he rests the brain... Isn't it priceless to see the flower or plant you planted with your father grow? If June is the month, summer has come, and the sun is shining, we are filled with hope...

Now it's your turn. Choose a partially old song that will take you to your memories that you enjoy listening to the most in the summer, and start doing your favorite dance moves as you wish… If you didn't want to dance, hold the rhythm where you are and clap with your leg or hand. I chose my song - and here's a song for you, for us, for you and even for 'Them'... For the old summers and for many more, Reyhan Karaca's 'We Loved, We Loved!' Hope to see you all together, with health and happiness, with love and heart in July... “…Sarılmışız biz bize (We hugged each other) Keyfimiz yerinde (in a good mood) Dünya dursa bile (even if the world stops) Kimin umurunda (who cares) ?” Kler Kampeas

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