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Top French Dishes to Try in France

French cuisine has always attracted my attention from past to present. After all, the yield of agriculture and animal husbandry in a country with more than 300 kinds of cheese must be like honey. Even if you only go to Paris, I thought I'd highlight a few dishes you should try in France. But of course, there's nothing like buying a bottle of wine from the market and sitting by the Seine. Let's continue with a well-known saying: "Bon Appetite" 1. Ratatouille:

This dish is among the indispensables of French cuisine. It is made from tomatoes, onions, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, carrots and thyme, basil, rosemary, black pepper and olive oil. It is among the favorites with its fine and well-chopped colored appearance and its very light weight. 2. Sole Meuniere:

The delicious taste of fish fillet is the crown of French cuisine with its simple preparation. The flour and butter are fried until they turn brown and this sauce is poured over the fish. Served with lemon and parsley. 3. Confit de Canard:

It is among the most classic and best dishes of French cuisine. Confit de Canard, a delicious duck dish, is very popular. Marinate with salt, thyme and garlic for up to 48 hours. It is cooked slowly in its own oil at low temperature. Served with garlic and roasted potatoes. 4.Soupe à l'oignon (Onion Soup):

Dating back to the Romans, this traditional soup is made with onions and beef. Onions are caramelized and cooked slowly. With the melted cheese and croutons added on it, it leaves a different and equally good taste on the palate.

5. Nicoise salad:

Nicoise salad, which is served as a meal or side dish, is one of the special delicacies. Tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, green beans, tuna, boiled eggs, Nicoise Cailletier olives and anchovies are among the appetizing flavors. 6. Boeuf Bourguignon:

Beef Burginion is one of the most famous dishes of French cuisine. Beef is cooked for a long time on low heat, accompanied by shallots, mushrooms, garlic and red wine. This delicious dish is served with mashed potatoes and pasta. 7. Pisaladière:

It is one of the most popular snack flavors in France. This flavor, which is made with a thicker dough than the classic pizza, is consumed hot or cold. This flavor made with onions, olives and anchovies is among the indispensable flavors. 8. Tarte Tatin:

This dessert, consisting of a wonderful harmony of apple and cinnamon, is one of the favorites of French cuisine. This tart made with puff pastry has won hearts by being among the indispensables with its taste. 9. Souffle:

Souffle is among the most special flavors of French cuisine with its sweet and salty options. This delicious flavor made with flour, butter, eggs and milk; It cheers the palate with chocolate, banana, cheese and many options. Yummy isn’t it? S

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