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Where To Eat in Istanbul?

Güncelleme tarihi: 12 Nis 2020

More than 10 years of experience of our team, we realized the most asked question is "which restaurants you can suggest us?"

Here we listed the mostly loved restaurants and foodie spots by our team and also the clubs that you would be interested in.

Just as in our foodie tours, we tried to mention the restaurants in different styles.

What we really love about travelling is using time wisely as much as we can.

Recommendation is; sleep less, enjoy your trip more!

Have fun, follow below. NEOLOKAL

"We believe that those who do not take care and preserve their traditions can not have a future." This is the first moment you feel their main soul when you step in the restaurant. Maksut Askar and Erim Leblebicioglu placed a wonderful touch to the gastronomy sector of Turkey with Neolokal Restaurant. Totally not fusion but a modern touch to the traditional Turkish food you will find here. Besides their food, wine cellar and cocktails rock the town, totally worth the price! Check it out!

Adress: SALT Galata Building   Bankalar Avenue - Karakoy Reservation Number: +90 212 244 00 16 MIKLA

Traditional Turkish cuisine meets Scandinavian soul at Mikla Restaurant by an amazing chef Mehmet Gurs. Urban, "sleek and stylish" they describe themselves. This contemporary restaurant Mikla even named after Miklagard which used to be one of the names of the city, as its name it's ruling over the city from the top of the Marmara Pera Hotel. Their roof top lounge which is available during summer days is the best location to chill and excape from the hussle and bussle of the city. At least we loved to do that and have a sip from their signature cocktail Sabahat - our fav! Cheers y'all.

Adress: The Marmara Pera   Meşrutiyet Caddesi 15 - Beyoglu Reservation Number: +90 212 293 56 56 PANDELI RESTAURANT

No doubt, Pandeli Restaurant is one of my favorites of whole town! Touristic? There will be a big misunderstanding here. If we mean the location yes, Spice Market where it's located is touristic, however Pandeli is the most unique restaurant where you can still see old Istanbul ladies and gentlemen eating here. We must be proud with this place run by its manager for more than 20 years, Özay Çınar and his extremely flawless team at service and at taste. Every single time i have a bite at this place, i feel like this is from my grandmother... We all are so lucky to have them in Istanbul. Please note that, Pandeli is only open between 11.00am - 8.30pm. Adress: Rustem Pasa Mah. Balik Kapisi Sok. 1/2 Mısır Carsisi ici. Eminonu - Fatih Reservation number: +90 212 527 39 09 ARET'IN YERI

After 10 years of experience at restaurant sector, it must be clear and true for Aret'in Yeri to be listed top when it's about typical local "meyhane" in Istanbul. If you count yourself "sharing is caring" person meze is your thing, and their mezes are the ones rocking town obviously! Mr. Aret and his business partner are not only good as restaurateuers but also great at management as you can see it at their lovely service. Don't forget to do your booking before you go.

Adress: Huseyinaga Mah. Balikpazari Kameriye Sok. No.9 Nevizade - Beyoglu Reservation Number: +90 212 292 10 10 REFIK MEYHANE

Intellectuals of Istanbul in 60s used to spend time at Refik's, after long chats at their fav coffee house on Istiklal Street. These kind of meyhanes have unique feeling for us. To not to only have a feast on table but also to talk about love, soccer, politics, these old school meyhanes are inspiring us to get socialized if we have lots to share. Refik offers you typical mezes not only in a delicious way but also you can see real owner characters, visiting your table asking you if you need anything else in a kind way. Words are not enough to explain, you should experience asap.

Adress: Asmali Mescit Mah. Sofyali Sokak No.10-11  -  Beyoglu Reservation Number: +90 212 243 28 34 Bonus: Night clubs & Pubs

Every culture and our daily routines help us to choose our night life theme. Are you a lounge low-energy spots' person or do you like to hit the clubs with trendy beats and go with the flow with the music and vibe? Here below you'll find the names and tiny details of the clubs we suggest. Enjoy.

Klein Garten: A classic but trendy spot, good djs and bands with picturesque decoration Beat: Avarage, multicultural, reasonable club with the cheerful stuff, rnb songs to dance 360 Club: Restaurant into club after midnight, high-end, not fav but spot is gorge. Kastel: An epitome spot, almost-underground, optional for after parties after 2am Birdy: Possible to come across dj-rnb organizations, Reasonable, valuable, live Monkey: Great cocktails, Great to chat and chill, high-end roof top X Large: Costumed stage shows, gay friendly, party spot Sanem

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